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Rise Above Project

Helping people see outside of their own box of limiting beliefs!


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"The Rise Above Project" is the vision and brainchild of Patricia Jo Grover, the CEO / Founder/ and Executive Director.

The Rise Above Project has been taken under the umbrella of The Institute for the Advancement of Humanity.  The Institute for the Advancement of Humanity is a Georgia nonprofit corporation established to provide project-based services to women and children across the globe. Through its services, it provides nurturing while fostering the inner growth and development of the women and children it reaches.

The Rise Above Project is designed to offer services, products, and courses etc. for FREE to its participants who are Women who have been through Domestic Abuse or Trauma, as well as to Disadvantaged Individuals that may not have been blessed enough to have learned the Life Skills and Soft Skills that will allow for them to create better lives for themselves and their children.

The entire program was created to Encourage, Educate, and Empower its participants.

"The Rise Above Project" is a program that the core curriculum is based upon Patricia Jo Grover’s proprietary Conquering Skills Education to each student / participant allowing them to be able to build their strong foundations on which to begin to live a Purposeful, Joyful, and Productive Life both personally and professionally.

As the participants of the program are getting their foundations built, they will be able to engage in healthy and creative activities, while learning through other Courses, Workshops, and Events such things as Life Skills, Softs Skills, and specific things in relation to helping them to be able to move ahead in a positive direction in all 8 Dimensions of Life!

There are plans to have similar content available for youth beginning with middle school age to engage them in activities and educational content that will also encourage, educate, and empower them to be able to make more informed choices and decisions to enable them to know that they are not only worthy but capable to create better lives for themselves in the future than they may have already been living.

Everyone in the U.S. has probably heard of Job Corps (https://www.jobcorps.gov/)
which is a Federally Funded program, and the largest of its kind, with 123 Job Corps Center locations across the U.S. It provides Residential Education and a Job Training Program. For young adults ages 16 – 24 who for any reason have been unsuccessful at getting their needs for these things met by living in their home or attending school in the environment, they had access to.

Job Corps connects its program attendees with the education that they will need to get the career they want.
“The Rise Above Project” can fill in the gaps of the Puzzle Pieces that these Young Adults may have been missing from their lives. Making it a great supplement to what the Job Corps Program currently provides.

Let’s face it as soon as our youth reach middle school age if they haven’t been exposed to healthy, structured, supportive environments where they are learning life skills as well as soft skills, they are more apt to make bad choices and decisions. Which can lead to unhealthy relationships with themselves, family members, and others.
Studies can show us the numbers of youth who self-harm and even create plans to take their own lives.

Studies can show where most people come from demographics-wise when it comes to Domestic Abuse of any kind.

Studies can also show that unhealthy relationships in youth can result in unwanted pregnancies, abortions, children getting put into the foster care system, and orphans that have aged out of the system never feeling like they are worthy of being (wanted, loved, accepted, being adopted, or having a family).

And studies can also show us that children that have experienced Domestic Abuse and or Trauma of any kind can have it follow them well into adulthood.

Some of those people find their way out of the darkness, some continue to live in it forever themselves, and some perpetuate it by bringing more children into it.

These are all cycles of their own, and some intertwine.

“The Rise Above Project” is Patricia Jo Grover’s attempt to break the cycles.

We all know that there is more than one cycle, and they all tie back to one point time after time.

It points to us each as individuals. Each of us can choose to being the journey of living the rest of our lives to it’s fullest in the most positive way possible any minute of any day.

Once we decide to do so, some of us just need the encouragement, education, and to be empowered to do so.

Some of us may need more support and guidance through the process than others, but that is ok, it is nothing to be ashamed of, we are all human, and no one is perfect.

Some people have the baggage of one form or another from the past that keeps pulling them back and keeping them down from time to time.

Even people who have come from two-parent households, in affluent areas of the world and that have what we may call the Picture-Perfect Families can have more going on behind the scenes than anyone may expect.

Life happens to every single one of us, whether we are ready for it or not. We do not have control over everything or everyone.

But it is important to realize that we do around the age of middle school all begin to have somewhat control over our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This is when the view of the world and our lives' potential truly have the possibility of changing what we had been seeing out of the Belief Windows that we had accepted as being our reality because that had all that we had seen, heard, and experienced.

Our own view out of our Belief Windows begins to come into focus.

At this point, we can now start to become accountable and start to realize the consequences of our actions. Some at this age are exposed to this harshly, whereas others are either being overly protected from the reality of its importance or are never even made aware of the importance of the development of this key Puzzle Piece.

We can almost call being accountable for our actions, whether they are good, bad, or ugly…. The KEY Puzzle Piece.

And all being to accept our lives journeys from the point of this realization. If we weren’t taught how to be able to live our lives to their fullest potentials as middle school-aged youth by our parents, guardians, families, or schools it is never too late to choose to begin to start this minute, hour, or day.

Patricia Jo Grover with her proprietary “Conquering Skills Education” has created tools to be used to utilized to build a strong foundation on which to begin building one’s fullest life both personally & professionally.

Using her proprietary "Conquering Skills Education," Patti helps you to discover:

*Who you truly are, your Purpose, and your Why.
*Helps you to develop a Curiosity that is greater than your fears with "Sensory Vision."
*Teaching you to dream bigger than you have ever dared to before.

Once those Dreams & Goals have been fully articulated and you know where you are starting from, she teaches you how to create your S.M.A.R.T.E.R. plans (personal GPS) and teaches you to Activate them and to develop the Courage that you will need to work those plans even when the times get hard, and life happens.

Next, she teaches you how to bring together all the Puzzle Pieces and become Consistent.

With her platform, everyone will have the support they need as they work toward achieving their goals!

Many people have trouble with one or more of these Puzzle Pieces and need different levels of support and guidance, which is why she offers 1:1 sessions, courses, workshops, events, and memberships.

Even the most elite athletes and highest-paid executives need coaching & mentoring.

Every participant in “The Rise Above Project” will have access to all the Courses, Training, Workshops, that Patricia Jo Grover, The Goal Achievement Strategist has created for her platform. As well as those that she has contracted to be supplied by other professionals that serve in all 8 Dimensions of Life that affect every single one of us.
The Dimensions of Life are…

Maslow's Hierarchy- "After our most basic survival needs are met (food, water, shelter) our needs revolve around personal growth.

The programs, courses, and activities that are planned will all be based on Personal Growth, Entreprenology, Entreleadership, (Professional Growth), Safety, Self-care/ Wellness related.

All the Activities will be focusing on improving, positive habits, focus, brain function, creativity, and cognitive abilities.

They will...

Help prevent memory loss

Decrease Depression

Strengthen relationship building with others

Improve problem-solving skills

The client/consumer will find themselves more engaged, feel less distracted or distant.

The client/consumer will have lowered stress therefore be less apt to act on "ruminating thoughts".

Soft skills include:

Creative thinking
Work ethic
Time management
Critical thinking
Conflict resolution

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. This concept is also termed psychosocial competency.

Some Life Skills are…
problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication skills, decision-making, creative thinking, interpersonal relationship skills, self-awareness building skills, empathy, and coping with stress and emotions.
Which are pretty much the same as the list of Soft Skills.

But the life skills we choose to focus on with “The Rise Above Project” are those that you may not have learned as a child at home or school.

Balancing a Checkbook, Creating Schedules, Planning & Calendaring, creating a Menu / Meal Plan, Grocery Shopping with using Couponing, Making your Money Work For You / Dave Ramsey, Building & Fixing your Credit Score.
As well as just a few of the other things that are a part of Patricia’s proprietary “Conquering Skills Education”….
*Having your own definition of what both success & wealth are to you.
*Figuring out what your Boundaries are and setting them so that you don’t live your life with invisible lines and people crossing them.

Patricia is looking for individuals, businesses, and corporations who want to help me to serve these people by either speaking, becoming a partner, or becoming a sponsor of "The Rise Above Project".

E-mail questions to... [email protected] with “The Rise Above Project” or RAP in the Subject Line.


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