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The "Rise Above Project"!! under the umbrella of The Institute for the Advancement of Humanity, a 501c3, and is a part of Patricia Jo Grover of PatriciaJoGrover.com's vision of how she can best serve along with her Global Platform.
Patricia Jo Grover walks her own talk and is truly on a mission to Encourage, Educate, and Empower people Globally to "Rise Above" any Challenges that they may have or be facing check this out!
The project once completely launched with the foundation of Patricia Jo Grover's proprietary Conquering Skills Education has the potential of aiding thousands if not millions of people globally to be able to live their lives to their fullest potentials. With fewer could have, should have, and would have by developing a Curiosity that is greater than their Fears, the Courage to work the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. plans they develop even when life happens (I promise that it will), and to learn how to have the Consistency to keep working those plans through to making their Dreams become Realities!
Grover is partnering with other professionals who are tops in their fields to be creating the curriculum of the Courses, Workshops, Webinars, etc. other than what she herself teaches that will be available to the Eligible Enrollees of "The Rise Above Project" at reduced fees or even FREE!



1 supporters

$100,000 goal

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