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The Welcome Table Film

When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher wall...


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The Welcome Table Party NYC

Wednesday 7:00 PM - Thursday 12:00 AM EDT

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The UN estimates that 200 million to 2 billion people will be displaced by climate change by 2050.

Everyone will be affected, but communities with fewer resources and less responsibility for the crisis are being hit worse.

For the past six years, Josh Fox has met people at the frontlines all over the world being forced to flee their homes. From wildfires and hurricanes in the USA to drought and floods in Africa, to oil spills and deforestation in the Amazon, to mudslides and dam bursts in Brazil, to biometric walls in Thailand and Haiti. Human stories of anguish, loss, triumph, and ultimately resilience.

Unfortunately, the governments of the world are dealing with the migration crisis by building walls, incarcerating asylum seekers, and militarizing borders. But what if we welcomed people who are in harm’s way instead of persecuting them?

The Welcome Table proposes just that. In Fall 2023, we are bringing people from around the world together in New Orleans, to a long table to eat, share stories, and heal. To model a future based on mutual aid and just solutions. A gathering like none that has ever happened on the face of the planet. If we are going to survive the coming climate emergency we have to work together.

And in order to organize this massive gathering, we need to raise the funds to do it.

We are raising money to bring climate-displaced people, the subjects of our film, from around the world to New Orleans in Fall 2023. 

THE WELCOME TABLE will be released in 2024 on HBO.

For more information about the film visit. TheWelcomeTableFilm.com


*International WOW Company is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, so any tickets you buy or donations you make are tax-deductible! 



Share Fundraiser


130 Supporters

6% of $250,000 goal

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