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Thanks to a grant from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission - all donations up to $8700 will be DOUBLED! 

On May 15th, 2021 our semester will culminate with an all day virtual fundraiser / concert with the goal of raising $10,000 to recoup losses incurred during COVID-19. This money will go directly back into our scholarship fund to ensure that no student will ever be unable to participate in our programs due to financial circumstances.

The “SCVYO 10K Challenge” will be a celebration of our amazing resilient students past and present - featuring never before seen performances from our artistic staff and special guest Yeko Ladzekpo-Cole, a live zoom concert showcasing the work of all of our ensembles, and a 10K bike ride/scavenger hunt through the Santa Clarita Valley.

"SCVYO’s ability to adapt during the pandemic has been a beacon of hope for me. It’s easy to feel stuck when the world suddenly stops. I’ve watched numerous music programs disappear, and many feel lonely because of it. But SCVYO is committed to this musical family they have created, and, despite the pandemic, I never felt abandoned by them. Through SCVYO, I grew as both a person and a musician. Even in isolation, the mentors’ wisdom and the community’s support helped shape me into the artist I am today." - Chloe Villamayor, Violin - Novae Sinfonia

"SCVYO has been a source of sanity for me during this pandemic! After the pandemic hit, I realized how meaningful it was to be able to walk into our Saturday practice every week and hear the sound of everyone tuning while walking up those stairs. I think during the quarantine, music and orchestra helped me express and let go of all the stressful emotions that I'd been containing throughout these tough times. The SCVYO family and the strong bonds we have were definitely been a crucial necessity for me in surviving through the current circumstances!!" - Alyssa Chang, Flute - Novae Sinfonia

"It meant I had another group to perform with to keep my skills going, It motivated me to practice. My favorite memory would be when we did our guest artist for conducting, it was cool to see through the eyes of the conductor. It has helped me balance my emotions and I guess remain positive during a hard time, being able to escape the world to get lost in music was nice and defiantly made a positive difference on my emotional state." - Current Intermediate Orchestra Student



67 supporters

$10,000 goal

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