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This year, Soul Food Salon is proud to partner with Off Their Plate to support the Bay Area communities and underserved populations most impacted by COVID-19.

Off Their Plate (OTP) is a volunteer-run grassroots organization, which was founded in the midst of our current pandemic. The new organization already has a presence in nine major cities across the US. OTP delivers nutritious meals to frontline healthcare workers and food-insecure families, while also providing economic relief to COVID-impacted restaurant employees.

Their model provides assistance on two fronts: for the restaurants and their workers and for the local community. OTP partners with local restaurants to ensure that staff can return to work and earn a typical wage. The restaurants prepare, package and transport meals, adhering to the latest sanitation and safety guidelines. In communities, OTP works directly with hospitals and community centers to coordinate the distribution of healthy meals to those in need.

One hundred percent of donations go to OTP’s local restaurant partners. Every $100:

  • ​Provides 10 meals to healthcare workers or to people experiencing hunger and
  • Restores three shift hours to the local economy through the OTP restaurant partners.



20 supporters

$50,000 goal

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