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Thank you for supporting the Upland Hills Outdoor School  Project!

Nature has always been the primary teacher at Upland Hills School, and this year we had the opportunity to lean in to that philosophy in ways we never imagined.   When faced with the uncertainty of the 2020-21 school year, innovation kicked in, quickly.  Our community of staff, teachers, parents and friends came together to strategize and build a plan for an outdoor school that met all safety regulations, while retaining the magic of Upland Hills School.

What followed was weeks of work on our land creating the incredible spaces our children are exploring today.  Despite the pandemic, our children are in school and in-person, laughing and learning, exploring and creating.

Our school has also made several substantial purchases, from tents and platforms to outdoor play equipment, which are providing the infrastructure of our outdoor environment.  We will have additional needs as the weather changes and the year continues.  

Please help us raise $45,000 to fund the foundation of our outdoor school!  We modeled for our children the agency and fortitude we strive to nurture at Upland Hills School.  Together we have been able to bring our children back together in a safe and magical way.  Thank you for all your support!  And a special thank you to the families who have already generously contributed.  

Hear from our director, Rob Himburg, on our outdoor school program and how it is aligned with the vision, mission and principles of Upland Hills School.  Courtesy of Detroit News.

AND - WATCH NOW recent news coverage of the UHS community and our Outdoor School Project on all local news channels!  Watch the ABC Story, the NBC Story, the FOX Story, and the Detroit News Story.  And read Rob Himburg's Detroit News op-ed HERE!


Safari Tents - $20,395

Platforms - $13,000

Tent Heaters - $5,800

Bell Tent  - $1,300

Robert's Group Tents - $1,556

Play Equipment - $600

Gravel, Picnic Tables - $740

For in-kind donations, please contact [email protected].

In gratitude,

Upland Hills School 



50 supporters

$45,000 goal

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