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Micthell Regan was like most high schoolers preparing for Confirmation. He attended Sunday school, saw his relatives model the faith, and knew the basics of Catholicism. "I don't think I really knew what it was all about before my retreat started," he explained. That SPIRITUS retreat changed everything for Mitchell. 

He discovered "this faith - it's more important than you think." He was overcome with joy as he discovered the importance of living our faith. "The best way to describe it was literally indescribable joy that could have put there been put in me by anything or anyone else but God."

Several years later, Mitchell continues to live out the Catholic faith in his everyday life. "You know, everybody could just go through their lives, go day to day thinking about the same thing, ... but kind of makes you think again. Like, I have to do this being a faithful matter what I'm doing, I have to do it in favor of God."

Like Mitchell, thousands of young Catholics find themselves awakened by God's grace through the ministry of SPIRITUS and have it make a lasting impact on their lives. Your support helps make this mission possible.

Our goal for the Awakened by Grace campaign is to raise $150,000 by June 30th. Thanks to the generosity of several sponsors, there is a matching fund of $75,000. Gifts received before June 30th will be matched 100%. This means that your gift will be doubled!

When you support SPIRITUS, you are equipping joyful and faith-filled young adult missionaries to Catholic youth all over Wisconsin. Students encounter Jesus in transformative ways during these retreats.


"The Holy Spirit works through the SPIRITUS team touching hearts, planting seeds of faith." - Religious Educator


"Up until now every class I’ve gone to has taught me little to nothing but you’re the exception. You’ve changed my whole life within 12 hours." - Student to SPIRITUS Missionary


"God humbles me in those wonderful moments of seeing a student share some harder truths and struggles that they are going through, being in a room filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, and seeing a student’s burning desire for Christ and the joy, love, and happiness that He will bring them." - MaryKathleen, SPIRITUS Missionary

Thank you for partnering with SPIRITUS to awaken the faith of students through the grace of Christ. Together, we are renewing the Church!

SPIRITUS missionaries give nine months of service to inspire 5,300 Catholic youth on 170 retreats throughout Wisconsin. The missionaries lead the youth into powerful encounters with Jesus that help the youth embrace a life of faith.

Your gift will help provide the $15,000 needed per missionary to provide for their basic needs, leadership formation, and mentoring.

Consider donating monthly! Your ongoing support makes the mission possible.

Campaign Ended


17 supporters

$150,000 goal

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