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147% of $1,000 goal

SPO New Year 2022 initiatives & End 2021 contributions

Contributions for all expenses we still need assistance on from all 2021 efforts to educate, promote & protect our rights and freedoms are greatly appreciated! We had an amazing year and we incurred many expenses and we still have some to take care of in the next few weeks. Things include insurance  for all our activities and meetings as well as meeting spaces, celebration we had to acknowledge the group and legal fees, etc... 

Then let's ring in the new year with generosity in order to launch our new Park County Patriots voter integrity initiatives, including voter integrity resolutions and caucusing in our precincts effectively for the March 1st Caucus. This is a way to get Dominion servers out of our county and help the state efforts as well, educating people on how to effectively caucus and hosting meeting in which people looking to run for the BOCC & County Clerk & Recorder open positions in 2022 can be hosted in meet and greets and let us know why they will be the best person for the job. We have small teams hard at work on both these things and would love any support you can give. 

Organized by South Park Outsiders
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