Stay Safe: Relief and Repair Efforts for Beirut, Lebanon

Support for victims of the August 4th, 2020 Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.


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Stay Safe


On August 4th, 2020 at 6:07pm, Beirut suffered an explosion at it's port. This explosion hits the rankings as the 3rd largest explosion the world has ever seen.

Lebanon has been struggling with an ongoing economic crisis that has been exasperated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Lebanese have persevered to help  and protect one another while trying to achieve better lives for themselves. 

The explosion on August 4th has set the country of Lebanon back. After all this hard work, we now must add one more project to the list. REBUILD.

Organizations have been working to provide aid to Beirut, but it is not enough. It is difficult to know who to donate to to ensure money is placed in the right hands.

We need the citizens of the world to pitch in as they did for The Notre-Dame and help us rebuild the "Paris of the Middle East."

STAY SAFE has opened its doors to donations from the global public for the first time. We are asking that you help us provide public health aid and disaster relief to our people of Lebanon through our organization. STAY SAFE will partake in extensive book keeping to ensure everyone is able to observe the flow of money in and out of the organization. We will assess the level of need in communities and distribute funds to help our locals rebuild and survive, and will use the proceeds to also help support the public health (medical care, healthcare interventions, hospital aid, etc.).

60% of donations will be used towards public health aid, while 40% will be used towards other disaster relief and repair efforts.

We need YOUR help to make this happen. 



54 supporters

$10,000 goal

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Stay Safe