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Junkyard Social Club: Café Crowdfund

Adventure Playground. Coffee Bar. Rebel Museum.


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Campaign Ended

Organized by Junkyard Social Club


402 Supporters

114% of $45,000 goal


Together we build from nothing, reuse everything, and achieve great things from humble beginnings. Please donate and help us catalyze the community.


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You've shown us an overwhelming wave of support and we're elated, humbled, and freshly emboldened to keep building you a new kind of community gathering space.

Now, let's upgrade. Welcome to the stretch goals. 

400 Donors - Critical Mass: Help us build the community. We want to hit 400 donors by the end of the campaign. Even $5-10 will make you an official supporter! Tell yo' friends! 

$55K Sound and Color:  We believe in local artists and, as always, a good ol' rumpus

$65K Renaissance:  When we feel a sense of belonging we feel encouraged to show up, empowered to try new things, and more responsible for serving our community.

  • Funds the first JSC "Artists & Engineers in Residence Program"
  • Introduces "Free For Alls" - Once-a-week program, free to everyone

Junkyard Social Club

As we reemerge from the pandemic, we are craving quality time in a real community space. We want to see our old friends and meet new ones, to be entertained, to tinker and play, and to indulge in a fancy espresso or a craft beer. We want our kids to remember how to play and learn together, without screens.

But where? Where in Boulder can you meet your friends for happy hour while your kids run wild? Where can you sit with a coffee, learn to hack a lamp into programmable art, and stay late for a circus show? Where can adults, kids, scientists and artist coexist? 

At The Junkyard Social Club, ideas and friends run wild. We are an ever-evolving, climbable discovery museum. We are a rebel art venue, maker studio, and adventure playground. We are a coffee house and beer garden, where communities come together to unwind, to celebrate, and to hatch big plans. The Junkyard is fully non-profit and committed to putting quality of life above the bottom line.

So far, we’ve transformed an old commercial print shop and a busted up parking lot into a space like Boulder's never seen before. In the last few weeks, we’ve added a tea lounge bus and an airplane... there’s no telling what’s next. We’ve been salvaging furniture and café equipment from businesses forced to close during the pandemic, and we’ve been running COVID-safe, STEAM education programs to support families in need throughout the pandemic

In order to open our doors, we need to complete the final phase of our interior construction and acquire our certificate of occupancy. It’s not complicated or difficult work, but it’s not cheap. Right now, we need your donations. With your help, we hope to open this summer. If we don't make it through this phase, our one-of-a-kind community resource will fade away like a dream. Join the community and help bring the Junkyard Social Club to life!

Specifically, we need:

  • $25k to build the café - architects, engineers, permits, construction, inspections…  
  • $10k to build our interior play structure - a junktastic maze and climber, designed in partnership with elementary/college students and advisors in the neuro-diverse and adaptive climbing communities 
  • $5k for scholarships to ensure that JSC programs are accessible to all from day one 


This Community Needs the Junkyard

We are bringing back the funky art culture that Boulder was once known for - an alternative to the sterile and corporate experience that is taking over the town, the country, and the world. Today's problems are mounting exponentially and they will not be solved via the system that created them. We need truly out of the box thinkers, confident enough to take risks, capable of working together, and practiced in their bodies as well as their minds. All Junkyard programs, at their core, are meant to teach skills in divergent thinking: creative problem solving, nurturing curiosity, critical thinking, and open conversation. Inside our little community, inside our town, we will help a new generation prepare to save the world.

Donations and Rewards

You specify what to give. No amount is too small or too large. And keep in mind, your donations to our non-profit are tax deductible!

Still deciding what the right amount is? Let's say we get a tremendous 300 donors. To hit our goal, each person would need to chip in $133.33.

Here's another, perkier way to think about it: 

  • Every little bit helps: $10+  
    • Thank you. Find us at the yard for an elbow bump. 
  • Pay your way: $75+
    • You'll receive a special invite to our opening party!
  • Go above! Go beyond! $175+  
    • We'll reach out to you offer you a private tour of the space! 
  • Raise the bar: $475+
    • We'll reach out to offer you a private reservation for your personal pod!
  • Lift up your community: $975+
    • We'll reach out to you to offer you a summer camp slot for your kid or a souped-up pod party!
  • Make big waves: $4,975+
    • We'll reach out to offer you any and all of the above. Plus, we'll make you a VIP member for life (access, discounts, special invites and opportunities) 

WE can do this. 


Jill: Executive Director

Jill is the Executive Director of the Junkyard Social Club and is the creative mastermind behind our youth programming. She has spent the last 20 years orchestrating engaging experiences in STEAM learning. She developed and coordinated exhibition programming at the world renowned, Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Jill's goal is give kids the tools, skills, and confidence to create the world that they want to live in.


Ryan: Chief Experience Officer

In dual roles, CXO and COO, Ryan is responsible for cultivating the 'Junkyard Experience' and managing Operations. He's co-founded six companies ranging from a circus troupe to a by-kids-for-kids magazine and a software platform for the Internet of Things. Ryan's top priority is ensuring that a multitude of niche and diverse communities feel a sense of belonging and ownership at the Junkyard.


Leo: Director of Branding

Leo is our Jack-of-all-trades who focuses on making sure everything - from newsletters, the website, and even new installations - fits in with the Junkyard Brand. He is currently studying at CU Denver to earn his Master of Architecture, with the goal of bringing more beautiful and gritty design into the world. 


Sharon: Director of Education

Sharon has been a STEAM educator for 25 years in Environmental Education facilities, public and private schools as well as zoos and museums. She also helps bring STEAM experiences to Boulder County with Maker Bolder’s STEAM Fest every spring. She believes Inquiry learning is key to student success and is looking forward to working with the Pods at the Junkyard.

Meet the Board and the rest of the crew!


 Thank you.


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Campaign Ended


402 Supporters

114% of $45,000 goal

Junkyard Social Club

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 81-2417337