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Sam is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this year and for his good deed he would like to purchase ballistic vests for his local police K9s! These beautiful working dogs do not automatically receive this protection. These K9 units are typically run by donations. It was a visit from Officer Sparacio and K9 Duke where Sam fell in love with the police dogs. Sam feels raising funds to buy ballistic vests for the youngest K9s on the force, K9s Oscar and K9 Saxon would be a perfect way to give back. Sam has partnered with the non-profit: Brady's K9 Fund. Each vest costs 1,200. Sam has made his goal of $4,800 so that the other 2 K9s, Duke and Major could also receive a vest. Let's help Sam achieve his goal and give him the opportunity to give back to his community of Everett Washington. 

Sam has left you this message: Hi! I'm Sam. I'm 13 years old and just finished 7th grade. I really love all animals and have COLOSSAL respect for the police. I am trying to raise enough money so that the 4 K9 Officers at the North Everett Precinct can get vests. They protect and serve so bravely every day! They deserve to have vests to protect them! Thank you so much!

Any questions? Please reach out to Leah Tornabene, President of Brady's K9 Fund at: [email protected]

About Brady's K9 Fund: This non-profit was founded by 12 year old Brady Snakovsky from Ohio. When Brady was 8 he was watching one of his favorite police shows on TV. He noticed that many of the K9s were not wearing a ballistic vest like their human partners. That is when he learned that body armor is not automatically issued to dogs. K9 units across the United States are typically run off donations and not by the departments yearly budgets. He didn't like that. He feels all K9s should have body armor issued to them and wanted to offer something to fix the problem. That is when Brady started the non-profit foundation, Brady's K9 Fund. K-9 handlers can simply visit Brady's website and request his help in giving their partner body armor. Since 2018 when BK9F has been started it has raised over $600,000 and have vested 641  dogs across the USA.


K9 Oscar -  Everett


K9 Saxon - Everett


K9 Major - Everett


K9 Duke - Everett 



40 Supporters

100% of $4,800 goal

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