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We ensure harm reduction programs have sustainable and equitable access to low-cost naloxone for distribution in their communities.


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Remedy Alliance/For the People, (formerly known as the all-volunteer OSNN Buyers Club established in 2012), incorporated in 2021 in order to create a sustainable infrastructure to provide low-barrier, low-cost access to naloxone to harm reduction programs in the US. 

We have been working for the last twelve months to set up the program, negotiate contracts with multiple manufacturers of naloxone to ensure supply stability and navigate the complicated territory of becoming a centralized warehouse/distributor of a life-saving medication that prioritizes harm reduction programs--the innovators and most impactful model of naloxone distribution. 

Remedy Alliance/For the People officially launched August 1, 2022! 

Remedy Alliance will now be able to work directly with harm reduction programs to meet their naloxone supply needs. 

All donations* received through this fundraiser will be used towards the purchase of our first run of naloxone and to contribute to our shipping fund to cover shipping for under-resourced programs. 

How will Remedy Alliance/For the People work? 

Harm Reduction programs, mutual aid groups, and other not-for-profit organizations who distribute naloxone directly to people who use drugs will be able to fill out an easy application to access bulk naloxone from Remedy. 

Depending on the programs' resources, we will provide access to generic injectable naloxone at three price tiers: below market rate, deeply discounted, and free. We will ship naloxone to programs directly. No hassle, no bureaucracy. 

We have designed Remedy to eliminate or greatly reduce many of the barriers currently faced by harm reduction programs in getting access to supplies. 

Fiscal transparency:

Remedy Alliance incorporated as a non-profit* in November 2021. We are currently in the process of applying for federal 501(c)(3) status. By obtaining 501c3 status, we will qualify to receive donations of naloxone from manufacturers for distribution to harm reduction programs, and to apply for grant funding to support the infrastructure of the program. 

Our initial start-up costs have been generously supported by Open Society Foundations. This support has allowed us to set up our website and store; compensate advisors, technical and legal experts who are helping us navigate the complicated territory of setting up an exempt supply distribution/centralized warehouse program; secure a brick and mortar facility to receive and ship products; cover shipping costs for programs’ mutual aid contributions during the shortage; and to begin purchasing a small cache of naloxone pre-launch to support mutual aid requests during the waning days of the affordable naloxone shortage.

First year plans:

Remedy Alliance aims to be self-sustaining by the end of year one through a combination of naloxone sales to stably-resourced programs, donations and grant funding. We plan to hire our current two full-time volunteers (Maya and Eliza) and later expand to bring on more staff as we grow.

As we achieve sustainability, we will be able to provide more naloxone at no-cost to harm reduction programs, and potentially expand into new areas of accessible low-cost or donated medicines and supplies.

Stay tuned for other upcoming launch activities and announcements! Check out our website or follow us on Instagram or Twitter for updates.

*Our 501(c)(3) status is a work in progress, so we will not be able to supply documentation for a tax deduction if you make a donation at this time. However, when our 501(c)(3) status is approved, it will be retroactive to our date of incorporation. Once that happens we will be able to generate tax exemption documentation for you. Let us know if you want to talk about this in more detail!



10 Supporters

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