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Angela Bernstein

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Developing flourishing human beings starts with a shared commitment on the part of parents and educators. A school is at it's best when we work together to create a culture of community investment to help make our school better each year.

As a charter school, we have a great deal of freedom to pursue our unique mission. We are at liberty to define the ways in which we will help students flourish. We believe that the development of whole human beings involves the education of our student's hearts, minds, and bodies. We consider art, music and athletics to be as important as any of the seven liberal arts, and so we must seek opportunities for all students to participate and grow within the arts.

State funds provide us with what we need to operate our school, and we are grateful for those resources. Carrying out our mission, however, requires us to set a higher standard for success than simply keeping the doors open. It is for this reason that we seek a shared commitment from our families, friends, community leaders, and philanthropists to create an environment where our students will not just graduate but learn and flourish.

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