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Greg Chandler for 2022 Snowflake Ball King!


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"I wake up every single day to make a difference in the lives of others.  My job is my purpose, calling, and biggest of blessings.  Joining colleagues in the Snowflake Ball Court is a wonderful privilege, a way to impact more seniors and their families.  And that is our highest honor." - Greg Chandler

Greg prefers his apple pie cold but banana pudding warm, the kind made with meringue on top just a few minutes out of the oven. He thinks Tombstone is the best movie ever but ranks watching old westerns with his parents starring, Randolph Scott, or Audie Murphy, right up top as well. Having served people nearly half his life in ministry positions on church staffs, these days, Greg Chandler, spends his time ministering in a different way to seniors and their families via hospice care with the Smoky Mountain Hospice Knoxville team.

Of his position and company, Greg says, "There's not a day goes by I'm not thanking God or expressing to everyone I know how blessed I am to work with everyone at Smoky Mountain Home Health and Hospice. Everyone I work with, including our owner and founder, Mrs. Tammy Francis, deeply cares about each individual and family we provide care for. It means something to work for someone local, being a hometown agency that makes decisions in a patient's bedroom and not some corporate boardroom."

He loves his Tennessee Vols, Dodgers baseball team, enjoys fishing with his Dad and best friends, but most of all, Greg Chandler, Community Educator with Smoky Mountain Hospice of Knoxville, loves impacting the lives of others, striving together with his team to do so with God's matchless grace and an undying hope.

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Greg Chandler for 2022 Snowflake Ball King!


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Tony Murchison for 2022 Snowflake Ball King!


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Charles Lomax for 2022 Snowflake Ball King!


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Emma Parrott for 2022 Snowflake Ball Queen!


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Brian Hatmaker for 2022 Snowflake Ball King!


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Jennifer Baugh-Ratcliff for 2022 Snowflake Ball Queen!


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Holly Hood for 2022 Snowflake Ball Queen!


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Caroline Brooks Wilder for 2022 Snowflake Ball Queen!


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Knoxville - Knox County CAC

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Did you know that 40% of seniors in our community experience isolation on a regular basis? Can you imagine growing older in your home without the support of any family, friends, neighbors, or financial stability? Whom would you call for help?

For over 300 seniors in Knox County, the answer is the CAC Senior Companion Program. This unique program mobilizes senior volunteers to provide support to homebound, lonely, and isolated older adults - free of charge.

The Senior Companion volunteers receive a small stipend for their service which helps them purchase necessities such as food and medicine. Your donation today will go towards covering the stipend, meals, and transportation costs for Senior Companion Volunteers.

For more information, please visit our website or email us at [email protected]
Follow our event hashtag on social media: #SnowflakeBall2022


Senior Companions help with many tasks:

Preparing Meals, Medication Reminders, Respite Care, Friendship, Companionship, and much more.

Senior Companions assist seniors who are:

Recovering from illness or surgery, hospice patients, lonely and isolated, and seniors battling dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Over 200 seniors are waiting for a Senior Companion in Knox County.


  • Tell a friend about the Senior Companion Program
  • Encourage others to volunteer as a Senior Companion
  • Donate to support the volunteers



64 supporters

$100,000 goal

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