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St. Paul Circle

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Organized by SPIRITUS Ministries


The St. Paul Circle is a group of dedicated SPIRITUS supporters who commit to giving on a monthly or quarterly basis. Their recurring contributions are gifts of faith, hope, and love for the young people that missionaries inspire. Together, we are changing the lives of thousands of Catholic youth and form leaders for the Church!

You can give by clicking the DONATE button or by setting up a bank withdrawal through the form on our website.

Join us today to renew the Church!

As our culture becomes increasingly distant from God, the need for missionaries grows. This need is particularly prominent for our young people, who are part of the least religious generation in US history and are suffering from stress, depression, and loneliness. By nature of our baptism, we’re all called to be missionary disciples, but not all of us are called to work formally as missionaries.

Every year, 15 young adults step forward to bring the Gospel to thousands of our youth. These missionaries need your partnership with your recurring gift. Your support as a member of the St. Paul Circle provides for the monthly cost of basic needs and formation of the missionaries so that they can focus on the mission.

If you'd rather give a one-time gift, you can do so here.


Share Fundraiser

SPIRITUS Ministries

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