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This handsome fellow is Nakuru, your Birmingham Zoo’s three-year-old male Eastern bongo. His chestnut fur, white markings on his face and coat, and spiraling horns make him a standout.

Critically endangered, there are fewer bongos in the wild than are under human care…and their future is unknown. Due to habitat loss and poaching, only 100-150 bongos live in four mountain regions in Kenya. This is where you can make a tremendous difference.

When you invest in your Birmingham Zoo, you’re contributing to our animals, to education, to conservation; YOU are at the heart of our mission! Thank you for your loving support of wild animals and wild places.

Our elegant, one-year-old female Eastern bongo is Merida, one of your Zoo’s newest additions. She is quickly acclimating to her new home in the Trails of Africa. Following an introduction period, we hope Nakuru and Merida will bond and in the future produce offspring to help bongo conservation. Saving species is a critical mission that zoos and other conservation groups work to achieve. However, we cannot accomplish this important goal without your support.

Not only is your Zoo taking part in critical conservation efforts; we’re here for YOU and your community. We’re proud to be a family-friendly attraction, welcoming all. Especially over the past two years, people have said, “I’m so glad you’re here” or “Thank you for being open. The Zoo is one of few places I can safely take my family.” We have you and other compassionate donors like you to thank for ensuring your Zoo continues to be a source of wonderful memories!

Thank you for your ongoing faith in your Birmingham Zoo; we are grateful beyond measure for your support.


Chris Pfefferkorn

President & CEO



62 supporters

$75,000 goal

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