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The Animal Support Project was formed with the mission of proactively reducing animal shelter populations and unnecessary euthanasia. For 15 years we have achieved this by partnering with pet owners and the community to solve pets’ behavioral, logistical and medical challenges before a situation gets out of hand. In cases where no reasonable solution is possible, we provide the pet owner a path out of pet ownership that ensures the pet’s safe future in a qualified, loving home.

Over the years, TASP animal crisis intervention and mitigation have saved and enriched thousands of animals' lives. The entire organization is staffed by unpaid volunteers partnering with pet owners, so every dollar raised is applied directly to the solution. We work from our homes in our spare time to ensure pets and the people who love them don't have to be separated when a crisis arises. We do this for all the animals who might otherwise die or suffer because their owners just don't know how to or can't afford to do the right thing.


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