Talaya Davis Panther Fund

The Talaya Davis Panther Fund:

As Panther Nation strives to be one family, we recognize that every year, financial hardship befalls some of our members. Devoted Panther Alum, Nigel Hayes-Davis generously created the Talaya Davis Panther Fund, allowing ALL students the ability to experience Panther Nation without barriers.

Primary Uses for the Talaya Davis Panther Fund

✪ Field Trips

✪ Class/School Fees

✪ School Supplies

✪ ACT/SAT Test Costs

Secondary Uses for the Talaya Davis Panther Fund

✪ Musical Tickets

✪ Prom Tickets

✪ Athletic Contests

✪ Graduation Necessities

✪ Spirit Wear

✪ Driver’s Ed Fees

✪ Themed Shirts

✪ Theatrical Tickets

Organized by Washington Local Schools Foundation