Support Post It Love's Mission!

Welcome to Post It Love's donation page! We're thrilled to have you here. 

By contributing today, you'll be directly supporting our mission to inspire and encourage students through heartfelt, handwritten notes. Your generosity will help us reach more classrooms, provide essential resources to our volunteers, and ensure that every student feels valued and motivated to pursue their dreams. ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ’Œ

As a donor, you're not just giving money – you're investing in the future of our youth and helping to create a ripple effect of positivity that will extend far beyond the classroom. Your support is the foundation upon which we build our programs and initiatives. 

Every dollar makes a difference, and we're grateful for your commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of underserved students. Thank you for joining us in this meaningful mission to spread kindness and inspire the next generation of leaders. 

Together, let's create a brighter future, one love note at a time! 

Donation Tiers:

  • $5 - Provides supplies for 10 love notes
  • $20 - Sponsors a student with one month worth of love notes
  • $50 - Funds volunteer outreach to support students
  • $135 - Supports a love note community event
  • $800 - Helps expand our program to the entire school

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501(c)(3) Public Charity ยท EIN 93-4634829
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