Handstand Challenge - May 2021

When life feels upside down flip it!


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Throughout the month of May, The Kitchen Table Ministries (TKT Ministries) invites the community to be part of the Changing Lives Saving Lives Campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month. We invite you to join in and help raise awareness and support in our community for mental health issues. JOIN US IN THE HANDSTAND CHALLENGE!  You get to show us how you get through life when things get turned upside down. Do you find support, jump right in, ask for help, make adaptions or handle things head on? Let who you are created to be shine through! There is no formula or one way to discover yourself and maintain mental health. BE YOU! Get creative! Have fun! Show us your best handstand that shows how you overcome mental health challenges.

Create your video, upload to Facebook or Instagram with #TKTbethechange, challenge your friends, make your donation through https://givebutter.com/TKTbethechange, and be part of the solution to mental health. We are all worth it!

The Kitchen Table Ministries is a local nonprofit whose heart is to make mental health services more accessible to individuals and communities. They provide suicide prevention and discounts for counseling including individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, and life coaching. Learn more at www.tktministries.org.  

May is Mental Health Awareness month and it is a subject that many people feel uncomfortable even talking about, but we need to. We need honest conversations about what a healthy life truly looks like. It is not a life without struggles or putting only the good stuff out there for others to see. It is facing the difficult times instead of running from them. It is feeling the tough emotions. It is having hard conversations and being vulnerable with trusted people.  It is seeking out the right counselor, life coach or friend to walk with you through it. Life was never meant to be lived alone. We are built and wired for community. Join us in the Changing Lives Saving Lives Campaign and help raise awareness and support in our community for mental health issues.



2 supporters

$20,000 goal

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