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The Mom Community, based in Atlanta, GA, was started in 2020 by three moms who have been supporting young moms in the Westside neighborhoods for years.  Collectively we have seen a need for more housing for young moms who are transitioning into stability.

The moms in our program are courageous young women who, despite perpetual challenges, continue to love and provide for their families.   

This year we finished renovations on our first home and welcomed our first residents! We served more than thirty moms and children this year through our moms groups, care package deliveries, mentorship and referrals. Delivering newborn and postpartum care packages to a new moms at hospitals as well as providing clothes, diapers, and other baby essentials for families in our program helped to meet a need and gave us opportunities to build relationships with moms.  

Learn more about our program by visiting our website

We currently have two rooms that we can rent to moms at a low cost.  We are hoping to purchase a bigger building to increase our housing capacity and to be able to offer full programming.  

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89 supporters

$150,000 goal

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EIN 85-1189546