Book of the Month Club

Over the past seven years the TSAS Library has grown from nothing to over 5000 books, most of which were acquired because a student said "I think people should read this one!" or, "I heard about this and would love to read it!" We try to meet every (reasonable...) request, but could use your help!

We have an Amazon wishlist here if you'd like to contribute, but we don't just need books! The TSAS Library serves daily requests for yarn, tools, glasses/headphones/wardrobe/computer repairs, 3D prints, class project assistance . . . and we have plans to expand even further!

If you're a "set it and forget it" kind of person, below are a few monthly donation options with helpful comparisons, but a single donation is warmly welcomed. ANY amount will help: $1 a month will, given our excellent credit, allow us to buy nearly anything that Gardner's has in stock. Thank you for any support you care to provide.

Yours in literacy,
Jesse Stallings, Librarian, Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences


Organized by Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 73-1603736
[email protected]