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Organized by The Womxn Project


The Womxn Project (TWP) gets it done.

In 2019, we we fearlessly created an intesectional movement that was integral to getting the Reproductive Privacy Act (RPA) passed, making the right to abortion state law before the Roe decision came down from the Supreme Court of these United States. In 2023, we led a campaign that extended abortion access to those using Medicaid or state employee health plans, who were unfairly excluded from the RPA. This work has an immediate, direct and lasting impact on the lives of the people who live in Rhode Island. This bill is called the Equality in Abortion Coverage Act (EACA).

(Photo from TWP's Roe decision leak rally on May 4, 2022 at the Rhode Island State House. We held this event in 18 short hours after the news. Heads of State Lt. Governor Matos, Secretary of State Gorbea, Treasurer Magaziner, doctors, and organizers spoke on the steps while a hot air balloon and projections against the building communicated how to work in the state to pass the bill including the right of abortion for Medicaid recipients and state workers.)


How Do We Accomplish So Much? 
We carry-out consistent, creative, visible, and thoughtful engagements. We make those who are comfortable in their power a little less comfortable. We use art, activism, education and advocacy to disrupt systems of oppression and elevate community voices. We get people’s attention because of our tenacity, our creativity and our heart.   


Our Impact? 
Rhode Island state employee health plans cover about 32,000 Rhode Islanders, including health professionals, college professors, students and their families. Medicaid covers more than 25% of Rhode Islanders, including 77,000 people of child-bearing age. Before the EACA was enacted, none of these people had insurance plans that provided abortion coverage.


Our Commitments are to advancing reproductive rights and freedom, cultivating intersectionality, and advancing change for the most vulnerable among us. We are supported in our work by grants and a team of volunteers, but most importantly, we rely on donors like you. CONTRIBUTE TODAY.

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TWP is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization that engages in political activities including lobbying. We work in partnership with TWP Education Fund, a 501(c)3. For more information on them, www.twpeducationfund.org


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The Womxn Project