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The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but Take This has the tools, resources, and training to help people recover. In order to do that, we need to expand! Help Take This provide support, community, and tools for mental wellness for everyone to equip their party for wellbeing and success.

With $5,000 in generous matching support from Double Fine (Psychonauts 2) to increase the impact of your gift, stand with Take This on Giving Tuesday and help us grow to respond to the demand for our services.

We’ve had an exponential growth in demand for our workshops for game studios, especially on topics like burnout, manager self-care, and anti-harassment work (which we’re doing with the Games and Online Harassment Hotline!). We’re also seeing an increased need for support for content creators, so we’ve started production on a video training series for streamers. And now that we’re tentatively returning to live events, Take This is headed back into the field with our AFK Rooms, providing clinical and non-clinical volunteers and quiet, supportive spaces at game conventions throughout the US.

The foundation of all of our work is the principle that hope is healing in the journey to mental wellness. Furthermore,

  • We normalize mental health challenges and recognize and honor intersectional experiences
  • We approach change and mental wellness broadly, from empowering individuals to enacting systemic change focused on leadership and cultural norms and practices
  • We foster healthy, inclusive community by focusing on collaboration and partnership
  • We take an evidence-based approach to our mental health content and programming

Take This is a mental health advocacy organization with a focus on the game industry and community. We provide resources, training, and support individuals and companies that help the gaming community improve its mental well-being and resilience. The organization addresses the underlying conditions that can create and perpetuate mental health challenges: stigma, harmful studio culture, harassment and toxicity, lack of diversity and accessibility, and problematic game and community design.

You can learn more about us here:



30 supporters

$5,000 goal

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EIN 46-3882735