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Join our team in bringing to light a world where life is celebrated and death isn't a taboo. Where the living and the dying really LIVE together. Where strangers become friends for life. This is the world of Ethan Sisser, Aditi Sethi and a community that came together to support Ethan's vision to die with love and in community.

"The Last Ecstatic Days" is bound to have a life-affirming impact. What we need now is your support to finish the film and get it out in the world - to film festivals, to streaming platforms, to you in your home.



A young man with brain cancer uses viral social media posts to discover a death care community and teach the world how to die.


Here's what we will be able to do with your 100% tax-deductible donation:

- Finish post-production

- Enter film festivals

- Pay for legal fees

- Create an official film trailer 

- Pay for marketing to ensure distribution

- Cover insurance needed for distribution

- Pay the members of our production team for their hard work.


• We’re all going to die. But none of us know how. This is the death film that will give people perspective on how to die well and on your own terms.

• You will play a part in supporting a singularly positive, social media-infused film. No one in human history has ever live-streamed as much of their death journey as Ethan Sisser!

• This is the death film that makes you feel alive! It’s not just a film; it’s an experience that stays with you.

• The film stars Dr. Aditi Sethi, who will soon receive global recognition for launching the community death care movement. Be a part of her journey.

• Death is topical, impacts everyone, and it’s not going anywhere. This film that you support today could easily have a 10+ year distribution, educational and impact shelf life.



A number of prominent figures are now attached to our production team to ensure we are as competitive as possible as we seek a distribution deal. Our current lineup: 



During the height of Covid, 36-year-old Ethan Sisser makes the bold choice to livestream his death experience from the sterile space of his hospital room. His hope is to teach the world how to die; his final wish - not dying alone. A hospice doctor turned death doula named Aditi Sethi answers the call.

As a palliative care physician, Aditi knows Ethan’s last wish of filming his death is something to honor rather than follow the “rules” of the hospice home. So she does the unthinkable – walking away from the medical system. With the help of Asheville death workers, Aditi leaves behind a career she has worked for her entire life to create a space for Ethan, a stranger she just met, to die. All to offer him the death he wants - on camera, surrounded by community and the idyllic natural landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

How many people does it take to help one person die? Turns out, quite a lot. Hospice nurses, death doulas, acupuncturists, physicians, musicians and family all gather to witness Ethan. As countless strangers make their way up the mountain to visit him, hugs grow more frequent. Tears flow from a space of love and gratitude, and healing comes in the form of release.

While Ethan’s parents repair the painful rifts between them, his brother shovels the grave he will place his younger sibling in, and strangers work to keep Ethan comfortable, Aditi shepherds their experience. She deftly directs Ethan and those around him through the many aspects of allowing a body to cease while the spirit releases.

Ethan decidedly embraces his legacy when his death is live-streamed on social media and the online world joins a group of strangers at his bedside in honoring Ethan’s brave choice to ask for what we all deserve – a loving death.

The Last Ecstatic Days reminds us that we have forgotten how to die. Aditi and Ethan can help us remember. And ultimately, this resoundingly poignant, yet often sweet, film transports you into your own depths to explore how you want to die. And live.



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14 Supporters

8% of $25,000 goal

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