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An avid outdoorsman and naturalist, Justin spends his life learning and teaching the ways of nature. In this time, he has developed a deep, connected bond with the natural world. He also realizes that the destructive, extractive economy the United States is based on has wrought unthinkable harm on Mother Earth. 

What stands in the way? More often than not, it is our Indigenous brothers and sisters standing on the front lines to protect what others will not. Therefore, the best way to support the protection of biodiversity, human rights, and avoid the worst results of climate change is by supporting Indigenous-led organizations. 

As a white man of European descent, Justin is fully aware that his kind have OVERWHELMINGLY contributed to this destruction and the current status quo. So, Justin (realizing the level of privilege necessary to take a month off of work to hike a 486-mile trail through the heart of traditional Ute Indian territory (see who's land you are on here: decided to turn this solo quest into a shared journey with the Indigenous-led organizations First Nations Development Institute and Honor the Earth. This fundraising and awareness campaign  aims to weave together issues such as public land use, Indigenous rights, dismantling settler colonialism,  biodiversity preservation, nature worship, and hiking culture, and much, much more. Follow his adventure and learn more about these and other important issues here.  

For a more detailed explanation of this journey, see this Donor Spotlight article FNDI wrote about Justin. 

Donations of all levels will be gladly accepted and distributed between these two wonderful organizations. Not sure how much to give? Consider giving on a per-mile basis:

  • $.02 per mile ($9.72)
  • $.05 per mile ($24.03)
  • $.1 per mile ($48.6)
  • $.25 per mile (121.50)
  • $.50 per mile ($243)
  • $1.00 per mile ($486)

I will also be posting addition, special giving opportunities while I am on the trail, so stay tuned for those by following my Instagram: @Jway2952

Happy Trails! 



29 supporters

$2,000 goal

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Justin Way