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Welcome to the test kitchen for "a cure for racism"

Support for this project helps refine this "starter" recipe to serve anyone ready to be part of the cure.

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Be The Change, Transforming the challenge of racism into launchpads for success

Live Stream

Details to view the event are private and will be sent along with your ticket purchase.

You will get your access details after you claim your ticket. In addition to this virtual event series, get your copy of the book "A Cure For Racism" which includes the special bonus of the updated and revised "Be The Change Playbook" so you can get started right away- applying what you are about to learn! And from April 17th-July24 you can purchase it for 25% off. Use this link to select your preferred retailer https://books2read.com/b/31lRXr


Despite there being a wealth of empirical resources to educate folks about the political path of racism (personal and systemic)  people have struggled to adequately digest, apply and adapt to these "illuminated" realities rooted in a painful and complex history. It is in response to this observation and many many difficult conversations that this webinar emerged. 

This workshop and the playbook respond to question(s) and comments I've heard again and again from people who identified as allies. The Empowered Innovation [CFAaP] System is here applied to the challenge of racism with the intent of showing how it can be transformed into a launchpad for success. 

This may not be the answer you wanted, but here it is reduced to the lowest common denominator, a cure for racism. 


With a new awareness of systemic racism or persistent racial inequity, more and more allies are now asking, "What's next?"

This new fundraising event represents the soft launch of our test kitchen.  In the same way that "starter" is used as a key ingredient in good sourdough bread, the sample you are invited to help perfect is based on my personal innovation starter recipe in a cure for racism delivered as entrees, and sides in the form of master class sessions, and resources. 

The test kitchen was open suddenly in response to that earlier question. Inspired by a growing need the choice was made to invite you in as co-creators because we know that with your help, we can ensure that there is a reason for hope moving into and beyond 2021.  And as much as this is for you, it is also for those of us who need to believe that allyship can be meaningful...that enough folks will support the cure so that our future can be unlike (better than) our past. 

Your donations will support several new projects and expansion of existing ones including:

  • Continuation of the work to advance a cure for racism 
  • Techincal assistance program for BIPOC small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Further development of [WE] Freedom Film Fest (virtual short film festival)
  • Creation of paid intern positions
  • Support new social justice art research project(s) 

This program has been created to empower you to be one of the heroes our world needs. I know that after you're introduced to what some have called a law of attraction style approach you will see why it ignites inspiration to Be The Change while also providing you a clear path to the relief of leveraging your own personal momentum. 

Although this is offered to you without a price tag - your attention and donations, in any amount, are appreciated. 

With your donation you get an eticket for a special master class style event that will guide you in getting:

  • Much needed emotional relief from the issues surrounding you
  • Insightful ways to process new outlooks on the world
  • My secret process allowing you to express yourself in a safe and constructive way without fear of judgment
  • The foundation you need to be one of the heroes needed to change the world for the better
  • A simple approach for creating a legacy you feel good about and that your family will be proud of

 "Be The Change, Transforming Challenges into Launchpads for Success"  join us to learn why what you are about to learn unlocks a cure for racism and so much more.  Have something handy to take notes. If you have questions and want help with them, send them over. You'll love how much value you get from this event whatever amount you choose to donate. 

With your donation comes an Upgraded Ticket that includes valuable bonuses to help you act on what you learn in this first session. If you are ready, you will be empowered to Be The Change in meaningful and profound ways that make a better future more likely - becoming the hero we have been waiting for. 

Act Now! 

Get your Ticket and Make Your Donation Now. And if you see the value, share it with someone else. 

What is the We The World Campaign for Freedom Story?

WE, the World is a global coalition-building non-profit organization based in New York City. Founded in 1998 by Rick Ulfik, WE, the World annually connects and promotes thousands of socially conscious organizations and businesses, representing millions of people, to amplify their efforts and generate public awareness and action for peace, justice, sustainability, and transformation. WE uses funds raised to co-sponsor important grassroots community events, provide marketing and outreach, as well as technical support and resources for grassroots partner organizations helping advance a better world that works for all. 

In 2019 Rick and Angel Fullerton, Chief Administrative Officer, invited Yvette Dubel to join the We Team. She became the Artist-Researcher in (virtual) residence coordinating the Campaign for Freedom and creator of the Empowered Innovation[CFAaP] System, as well as its related event series, resources, and services.  It has emerged from more than a decade of work to develop "Art as Solution" (aka Art Based Solutions)  and Business as Ingredient.  The Campaign is the latest exploration in applications of this work.

The Freedom Campaign is devoted to working with people and organizations to promote freedom for all! WE aim to bring together grassroots movements and organizations to make sure the voices of the people are heard; end society’s mishandling of poverty, drug addiction, and mental illness; and to protect and foster freedom of expression in media, culture and the arts. WE do this through promoting responsible governance for the Common Good; promoting public financing of elections; supporting strategies to reduce corruption; funding and supporting democratic governance practices, institutions, and non-commercial media; promoting media literacy; and advocating for socially responsible public interest practices in media. During 2020 11 Days of Global Unity the Campaign for Freedom team launched the [We]Freedom Film Fest, a short film festival and artist collaborations using the same process shared in this event. 

To learn more about our organization or volunteer opportunities go to We The World

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