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We can Change 3,000 Lives in 2022 getting our clinical guides and films in treatment centers, prisons, schools, and more next year!


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About Of Substance in 2022...

Next year, Of Substance (OfSubstance.org) will continue our journey to drastically Revolutionize Education, Treatment, & Support for Addiction, Mental Health, & Suicide Prevention.

Our films and clinical guides are tools that enhance and expedite transformation, healing, and growth through an emotional learning experience.

We're committed to helping us all feel more Seen, Heard, and Loved
while learning to better See, Hear, and Love those we care about.

For every $65, we can change 1 person's life in treatment,
and we're on target to serve 3,000 individuals in 2022 alone!

We're raising funding so that, with your help, we can get our films and clinical guides into treatment centers, private practices, schools, and even prisons across the country.

With your support, we will...

1) ...develop and improve our immersive curriculums and programs, centered around our films, to enhance treatment, education, and more!
2) ...expand our team to spread our impact: Help us scale across the country, getting our programming in front of those who need it most.
3) ...create several new films by the end of 2022!

We Did It! 


Thank you to all of our supporters and all those who donated to
unlock this $10,000 Holiday Season Match!
Because of you, Of Substance will continue to help those struggling in isolation during the new year and beyond

Wonderful supporters lined up to match your donations - so far, overall, committing over $25,000!
Every dollar donated was doubled in value, 1:1, by a matcher!

Thank you to our Matchers!

Nancy & Stuart Weiss - $2,500
Aaron & Andrea Smith - $2,500
Sharon Kaplan - $2,500
Kate and Peter Kelsen - $2,500
Hallee and David Adelman - $5,000
Zach, Melissa, & GEmma Weiss - $5,000
Maxine Mann - $1,000
Anonymous - $2,500
Anonymous - $1,500

Campaign Updates!

  • November 30th Update...
    • FIFTH Match Unlocking!
      Thank you to the Adelman's for matching our fifth match of $5,000 and making everyone’s donations count 2x!
    • We’re just about to hit $30,000!

    • Announcing our Holiday Season $10,000 Match!
      This $10,000 is pledged by the following incredible people...
      > Zach, Melissa, and Gemma Weiss!
      > and a few anonymous contributors.
      Thank you all for your loving support!
      As soon as we hit $40,000, it’ll unlock this match, immediately taking us to $40,000!!
      Can you help us get there?

Campaign History! (Previous Videos)

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Video #1: What Is Of Substance?

Join us in helping others!

"Using substances is not my issue... WHY I use substances is.
It's about shame, a fear of not belonging, and a belief that I'm not good enough.
And this is something we can all relate to
- Alex Kaplan

As we close out 2021, there is so much hope on the horizon.

But these are still difficult times and whether we struggle with substances or not, so many of us feel disconnected and isolated.

Nevertheless, we're in this together. Always.

That's why Of Substance is constantly working to make us all feel more connected, less alone, and more hopeful one film at a time!

About Of Substance.

Of Substance is an innovative nonprofit that creates premium, entertaining short films to offer healing, support, and understanding to all those touched by substance misuse. We’re turning immersive cinema into an approachable tool for personal transformation and behavioral change.

Of Substance is built on the notion that addiction is a disease of loneliness and isolation and the belief that if you can improve someone’s sense of belonging you can improve their mindset.

Our films invite all audiences to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes momentarily allowing them to gain new perspectives and develop empathy toward themselves and others. They’re triggers of vulnerability, which leads to connection and fosters behavioral transformation.

All our films are always available as a free resource to anyone who wants or needs them, anytime.
- Visit OfSubstance.org now!

Our Impact

Of Substance undeniably generates change

through its films as evidenced by our workshop evaluation

findings to date; over 90% of viewers reported transformative


Among audiences struggling with substance abuse...
85% believe these films could encourage people with addiction to ask for help.
100% feel Of Substance films would be a great tool in their recovery tool belt.

Among general audiences...
100% felt Of Substance films broadened my knowledge, understanding, and awareness of addiction.
85% said these films could help someone in my life.

Thank you for your support!

Remember to visit OfSubstance.org to...

  • Watch our short-films
  • Connect with others
  • Meet the team
  • and more!

And follow us on social media!



178 supporters

$50,000 goal

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