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Because global movements REQUIRE multilingual freedom fighters.


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Organized by Jamii Linguists

Jamila Craig

Fundraiser since Sep 2023

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Jamila Craig's Story

MY WHY 👇🏾👇🏾

#TranslateTheMovement is important to me because sharing lived experiences, reading, working, learning, and conversing with a diverse, global, and multilingual groups of Black folx saved me. It facilitated a deep sense of knowing about what it means to feel (and be) free!

I want that for more Black and Indigenous people.

This is a personal ask to folx in my network. Your donation will help me raise funds for translating the work of Black authors, scholarships for Black language learners, free training for values-aligned aspiring interpreters who want to help facilitate communication in movement spaces, and so much more!


Between October 1, 2023 and September 30, 2024, I'm on a mission to raise $100K for #TranslateTheMovement. 

MY ASK 👇🏾👇🏾

Every little bit counts! Donate what feels good to your spirit.

 If you have capacity, please consider becoming a monthly donor for $25/month (or more). The more monthly donors, the more easily #TeamJamii can respond to funding requests from an AMAZING community of authors, linguists, and language learners.

Thank You | Obrigada | Mési | Gracias | Merci 



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Why are we doing this?

  • The revolution IS multilingual. We don't all think and learn by using the same language. A collective revolution of the mind requires multilingual books, workshops, educational spaces, and more. 
  • Black linguists need to get paid.  Even with the advances of technology creating apps for language learning, automated translations, or speech-to-text technology, the work of creating multilingual Black-centered spaces requires Black world language educators, Black interpreters, Black translators, and Black language justice practitioners. We ain't tryin to undervalue the labor of the Black folx who make these spaces possible.
  • Black-led organizations need (and deserve) support. Funding multilingual spaces can get $$$$. Team Jamii wants to make what we do accessible to many of the Black, Indigenous, and Queer-led organizations who are doin big impact tingz wit a likkle tingz budget. FYI - Don't get this part twisted. Team Jamii feels this part deeply. WE ARE a Black-led organization that is too often doin big tingz wit a likkle tingz budget.

The liberation of ALL Black people EVERYWHERE requires more than one language. PERIODT!

Support #TranslateTheMovement today! Every donation, big or small, is appreciated.



The #TranslateTheMovement campaign was created by Jamii Linguists, a Black-Queer-led organization dedicated to helping people create change - in any language necessary. We are not a non-profit.  We are not a cooperative. We are a team. Our team values make Jamii a purpose-driven organization that moves in a people-first, mission-second, profit-third kinda way. This campaign is part of our mission to shift the one-language-fits-all approach to building movements for social justice while centering the needs of people of African descent. These funds will allow us to expand our capacity to provide interpreting, translation, multilingual education and other multilingual support needed to grow global movements. A special emphasis is placed on providing free and low-cost services to freedom fighters and Black-led community organizations that demonstrate financial need as they engage in organizing campaigns and movement building.

How Funds Will Be Distributed?

The money raised by this campaign will build #TeamJamii's capacity to:

  • Support multilingual Black-led initiatives
  • Translate books, blogs, content and a variety of liberation-centered educational materials
  • Create free and low-cost language justice educational spaces - THAT CENTER BLACK IDENTITY!
  • Grow Jamii's Language & Diaspora Black-centered language learning programs & activities
  • Create dope af spaces for Black, Indigenous, and pro-Black folx to keke - in a buncha languages!

All services and resources will be distributed based on need and availability of funds.

To learn more about Jamii's impact goals related to #TranslateTheMovement visit https://www.jamii.co/impact. For any questions or inquiries, reach us at [email protected].


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