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Ava Dallas Phillips was born on January 6th, 2011, along with her twin sister Mya Lynn Phillips. Ava was repeatedly shaken from the age of 2 weeks until the age of 6 weeks when treatment was finally sought. She had many disabilities and challenges that came as a result of the repeated abused. Tragically, Ava Dallas Phillips died at the age of 7 years old, on March 12th 2018, due to the complications that came from the abuse. She left behind her twin sister, Mya and entire family. Ava's mother is Lisa Phillips who is the Vice-President of Stop Shaken Baby Syndrome Inc. and baby sister of Darcia Phillips who is the Director of Stop Shaken Baby Syndrome Inc. We would like to set up a memorial to purchase items for fellow survivors to brighten their daily experiences. Ava loved so many different things and taught those who she came in contact with so much. She truly was an amazing little girl who far exceeded the expectations of her medical and support teams. The funds we receive from this campaign will go to purchasing new items for survivors of SBS to make them laugh, giggle and smile just like she did. 



2 Supporters

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