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2023-2024 UIUCares Campaign

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Thank you for your interest in donating to our UIUCares projects! Join us as we kickstart our fundraising campaign.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by our 20th Annual Convention in August 2024.

Check out our completed projects and our future plans.

About UIUCares.

UIUCares is the community service arm of Umu Igbo Unite (UIU), a cultural promotion group dedicated to exporting the norms, values, and traditions of Igbos.  UIU is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that promotes cultural preservation and appreciation, professional development, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement among Igbos in the diaspora and in Nigeria. We are the foremost network of Igbo Americans. Since our inception in 2005, UIU has grown to over 5,000 members nationwide with 17 active chapters: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, DMV, Boston, Tristate (NY, NJ, CT), Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Twin Cities, Bay Area, Austin, Miami, Seattle, Nashville, and North Carolina.  

UIUCares was established in 2014 and aims to address the diverse needs of umuigbo living in Nigeria and the diaspora using a multi-faceted approach that encompasses four focus areas:

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare Accessibility
  3. Wealth Creation
  4. Relief

Through generous contributions and the support of philanthropic donors, UIUCares endeavors to serve the underprivileged individuals residing in various communities within Nigeria and the diaspora, by providing essential provisions including food, clothing, healthcare services, educational opportunities, and vocational training.

Since 2021, UIU’s primary community service initiatives have involved heavily investing in our presence in Nigeria and striving to make a positive change in the lives of those who are most underserved in the country. With that focus in mind, we opened a UIUCares office in Enugu State, Nigeria. The office is staffed by three full time employees who execute and oversee projects in our focus areas. 

What have we done?

1. UIUCares International student scholarship - We have given $60,000 to International students who are studying  in the United States at the undergraduate and graduate level. 

Through the International Student Scholarship, UIUCares supports the undergraduate and graduate studies of deserving international students. Since 2017, we have awarded $60,000 in scholarships to 60 international students of Igbo descent who are attending college/university within the United States.

2. Nigeria School Scholarship Program - Sponsor the secondary school education for 20 students from six secondary schools in Southeastern Nigeria

We carefully selected  20 promising young students from six different secondary schools in the Enugu region, and we are committed to fully financing their secondary school education. Additionally, we provide these students with an annual stipend to cover expenses such as uniforms, books, backpacks, and other necessities. We are filled with great enthusiasm for the bright futures that await these students.

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3. Technology Program - Provide laptops to introduce basic computer knowledge and skills to secondary students in three twelve-week sessions.

UIUCares sponsored three twelve-week programs for twelve students per program where we provided laptops and worked with the students to actively hone their computer literacy skills, equipping themselves with essential knowledge to enhance their marketability and achieve success in their chosen professional paths. Upon completion of the program, these students will possess the competence to proficiently navigate a range of computer programs including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and email etc


4. Girls Health Program - Provide menstrual hygiene education and sanitary pads for students

The objective of our Girls Health Program is to provide a sustainable, comprehensive education on menstrual health to young girls in secondary schools within the Southeast region of Nigeria. Presently, we are collaborating with our dedicated Enugu team to develop seminars that cover a range of health education topics. This year, we partnered with two schools to provide menstrual health education, hygiene and free products. We have served over 300 girls in this program and hope to develop partnerships to expand this need program across Nigeria.

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5. Apprenticeship program - Training young adults to gain mastery in a skill of their choice and promote future entrepreneurship.

This year, UIUCares was delighted to embark on our Apprenticeship program, recognizing the tremendous potential that lies in pursuing one's passion and providing training opportunities that can lead to expertise and foster job creation. This initiative pays homage to the rich heritage of "Igba-Boi," a longstanding tradition that has shaped some of our most accomplished entrepreneurs. Through this program, young individuals can learn a skill of their choice over a specific duration, acquire mastery in that field, and ultimately establish their own businesses, an endeavor known as 'akaoru' in Igbo culture. In collaboration with our Enugu team, we have carefully selected 6 candidates who will be pursuing apprenticeships in Baking, Hair Styling, Phone Repairs, Shoe Making, Graphic Design, and Welding.


6. Relief Programs - Back to school programs, feeding programs, impact skills programs, prison outreach, world malaria day

As an active presence within the Enugu community, we have firsthand knowledge of various populations facing significant challenges and requiring support. Throughout the year, we successfully organized several impactful initiatives such as anti-cultism and drugs program for students, free clothing drive for people fleeing from community land disputes, and distribution of food items and the renovation of living quarters for families in need. Moving forward, we remain committed to effecting tangible and measurable change as UIUCares continues its mission of transforming communities and empowering individuals in need.

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7. Sanitation Program

The UIUCares initiative to provide toilets for the 2300 students and staff of Trans Ekulu Girls Secondary School Enugu began in early 2023. The project has been a massive success thanks to donations of our benefactors. This is a benchmark project of UIUCares which we hope to replicate in other local schools. This building contains 10 toilet stalls, 10 sinks, pumps, 2 overhead tanks and a well. We are happy for the long-lasting impact that UIUCares will have at this school for the current students and for many generations to come.



Future plans?

Restoration Series - 

- Sanitation Project at Trans Ekulu Girls Secondary School, Enugu - completed July 2023

The sanitation program was the first program in our restoration series. There are many schools in Nigeria that lack the basic necessities for their students. We aim to restore the dignity of our students and provide facilities that  will support and not hinder their diligent studies. 

For the year 2023-2024 we plan to restore and build classrooms for students in Anambra and Imo state. 

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Join us as we kickstart our fundraising campaign. Our goal is to reach $100,000 by our 20th Annual Convention in August 2024. 

We appreciate your support as we strive to make positive impact at home and in the diaspora!



Share Fundraiser


19 Supporters

12% of $100,000 goal

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