Utah Relief for Ukraine

An ongoing relief campaign for our friends and loved ones on-the-ground in Ukraine


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Organized by Mohan Sudabattula


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About this Fundraiser:

Hey all, before we jump into anything, I wanted to say thank you all so much for caring about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. What is happening overseas is absolutely unacceptable and against all the values and virtues we stand for as global community. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are displaced, under fire, and fearful for their lives; and while we stand in solidarity, hundreds of young men, women, and children are being killed. We cannot wait any longer, we need to act. 

Over the course of the past week, we have been working extensively with local Ukrainian leadership, community organizers, and patriots on-the-ground in Ukraine to create an immediate plan of action to support those in need in Ukraine. From organizing community rallies, medical supply drops, to facilitating local talks with statesmen, we are working around the clock to do all that we can to build support and direct plans to provide relief for those who need it the most. 

The injustice in Ukraine is obvious, how we can support as a community is a little more complicated. The reality is that those fighting in Ukraine are in urgent need of various supplies, from tactical and medical equipment to support those fighting, to food, water, clothing, diapers, and blankets for their loved ones and families - everything helps. 

This fundraiser is the easiest way for us to centralize contributions from our greater local community to purchase and send goods to our friends living in Ukraine. We are in regular and constant communication with a handful of brave and incredible people in Ukraine and plan fully to continue to support those we are fortunate enough to be in contact with. 

Please consider supporting this cause so we can help as many people as possible. Just in 2 days, we were able to fundraise over $10,000 and donations have already been taken to an orphanage, a hospital, a checkpoint in Kamianske, and additional donations will be taken to kids in Kharkiv - a city that has been hit very hard. We will post photo updates, and we are also keeping track of the purchases and receipts. We want to make sure that you see where your money is going and who you are helping with your donations.

Thank you all so much for caring, and donating. Share this page to help us rally more support. We stand proud and strong with Ukraine.

Слава Україні

-Mohan Sudabattula

A message from Vlada:

Hello everyone! I am from the city of Kamianske, Ukraine, and have been living in the USA for the past 12 years, currently in Utah. However, my father, grandmother, uncle, cousins, nephews, and most of my family and friends are still in Ukraine. My country is being invaded by Russia and cities are being bombed out, including hospitals, apartment complexes, schools - everything! Peaceful civilians are dying! I cannot stand still while this is happening in my country! Every time I talk to my family, my heart breaks into pieces.

Nevertheless, as you have seen, Ukrainian people are strong and brave and will stand till the end! I am lucky to have a few great friends in Kamianske who are tirelessly volunteering, trying to supply necessary materials and equipment to those most in need. This includes orphanages, hospitals, and those who are defending our city and our country. Because Kamianske is currently standing strong and is not being bombed, my team has the capacity to go out and purchase all the necessities such as diapers, baby food, blankets, medicine, warm clothes and shoes for defenders standing at checkpoints, other supplies such as flashlights, batteries, etc. However, we are still in dire shortage of protective equipment such as kevlar vests, hard hats, gloves, and other PPE.

This fundraiser started as my personal campaign to help my friends in Kamianske supply some donations to the checkpoints, however, we have received an overwhelming amount of support from all of you and have decided to make this an official fundraiser so we can help and participate in more causes, and where we can also update you on where the donations are going.

I am extremely grateful to my friends on the ground for their work and for everything they are doing to help. And we all are EXTREMELY grateful for your donations!!! You are helping save lives and people are incredibly grateful knowing that there are so many of you who want to help!

There are also local Utah fundraising opportunities that I am a part of and some of the money may go towards buying donations (first aid kits, painkillers, bandages, sleeping bags, drones, walkie-talkies, and other necessary materials) in Utah and shipping them to Ukraine. Everything will be documented on this page.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing with Ukraine!

Update #1


With the $10,000 we were able to fundraise from you all last week, our friends in Ukraine were able to make purchase a variety of goods and supplies for their community! Here are some photos:


(Pic 1: Donations for an Orphange actively children in Kamianske, Ukraine)


(Pic 2: Supplies being purchase for the children in Kharkiv, Ukraine)


(Pic 3: Donations being delivered to an orphanage in Kamainske, Ukraine) 

Update #2



(Pic #1: Food and groceries purchased for local community members) 


(Pics 2 +3: Vlada’s family and two family friends hiding in a bunker in Mykolaiv. Because of your kind hearts, they can now purchase food, medicines, and other necessities.)


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32 Supporters

13% of $125,000 goal

Mohan Sudabattula