2020 Grand Annual Collection


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Mary, Queen of the Apostles Parish

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This year, your donations to the Grand Annual (you can use the enclosed envelope or give online with the scan code below) will help us continue to prepare for the day our church buildings can be full of worshipers again. You’ll help us open our doors to those seeking Christ, by upgrading our worship spaces to their most accessible, and expanding our outreach online. The technological and physical tools your support brings will make our worship spaces, both in-person and online, accessible, welcoming, and places of healing to all. You are MQOA, and your donations make everything we do here, and in the future, possible. Thank you!

View the parish's complete annual financial report on our website (click News/Bulletin/ Oct.8, 2020): www.MQOA.org



3 supporters

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Mary, Queen of the Apostles Parish

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EIN 82-2263996