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As a labor and delivery nurse, and mama of two little people, I am passionate about finding ways to support families better through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  I have cared for families through almost every type of birth experience imaginable, and am constantly struck by the power of birth.  This hugely transformative experience deserves support, whether it's your first or your fifth baby, whether you're birthing at a hospital, birth center, or home, no matter what job you have, where you live, what you look like, what you believe; support is essential to surviving and thriving.  

I founded Your BIRTH Partners because I believe we need to expand the networks of support we offer to birthing families.  I've worked with incredible midwives, physicians, doulas, nurses, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, and many more professionals, but none of us can do it on our own.  We need to come together and collaborate on care so that pregnant people can benefit from all of our shared training, experience, and background.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the type of support available to birthing families.  In response to the need to socially distance and decrease spread of COVID-19, families have found themselves isolated from their typical support, both personal and professional.  Visitor policies have been restricted to 1 support person in many hospitals throughout the country, and often doulas aren't able to be physically present during birth.  Doulas are non-medical birth professionals who are particularly trained to help families advocate for themselves by providing them with education, emotional support, and tips for increased physical comfort during pregnancy & labor.  The economic devastation COVID-19 has brought has made it increasingly difficult for families to afford doula services.  Doulas have a separate role than other birth professionals, and it's unfair to pregnant people and hospital staff alike to pretend that their role can be removed without having negative impacts.  Despite doula support being associated with increased satisfaction in care, increased breastfeeding rates, decreased cesarean rates, decreased traumatic births and postpartum mental health disorders, most health insurance companies don't cover the cost of a doula.  This lack of support is pronounced in low-income communities, who are already vulnerable to increased rates of birth complications.

I believe this program will help some of our most vulnerable to regain their agency and control over their birth experience.  
I believe doulas are essential members of the birth team. 
I believe their partnership helps all birth pros to do their jobs more effectively. 
I believe all families should have access to this uniquely personal relationship that helps them be empowered throughout their birth experience.

Your donation will help a low-income family connect with a doula to virtually support them throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  This support can be life-changing; I really appreciate you helping us to make an impact on more families during these extraordinarily difficult times.  Thank YOU!!!



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We would like to reach 20 families through the end of 2020.  
We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax-deductible. 
Please check to see if your employer will match your donation!  All funds received through this drive will go directly to the virtual doula program.

Doula care helps pregnant people to become their own advocate, and covers education & information, emotional support, and guidance for improved physical comfort.

Birthing through this pandemic requires more support, not less.  We want to see as many families as possible benefit from the unique support provided by doulas.  While we look forward to seeing doulas back at the bedside with families, virtual doula support helps bridge this gap in care.

Doulas are associated with better birth outcomes, including improved satisfaction in care, decreased cesarean rates, decreased birth trauma and mental health complications, and increased breastfeeding rates.

Our program connects low-income families with trained doula support to provide a virtual care package, beginning during their pregnancy and extending through birth into the immediate postpartum period.  Families are able to pick a doula through our directory platform who meets their unique needs, emotional, cultural, or otherwise, & can provide insight into their particular situation.  We are working to build an inclusive directory of independent doulas so that all families are able to receive representative care aligned with their core values.


Your BIRTH Partners



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