Help Miss Linda Save Her Home

Miss Linda has lived in Powderhorn Park for 18 years. Donate now to help her stay in her home!


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Organized by Julia Hobart


Miss Linda Taylor is a longtime Southsider and respected elder living in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood of Minneapolis. She is deeply engaged with the community and beloved by her neighbors. Miss Linda has lived in her home for 18 years, raising her five children - four daughters and one son - between the Phillips and Powderhorn neighborhoods. She knows and loves her neighbors and many of them have become like family. Miss Linda is 70 years old and a beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. For 20 years, she volunteered in the Phillips community and most recently, she served as the Intergenerational Specialist at Pillsbury House & Theatre, where she started an arts program for elderly adults. Get to know Miss Linda by listening to a podcast interview she did in the summer of 2020 at

Miss Linda was facing displacement at the hands of her landlord, who gave her a notice that he was ending her lease and that she had to pack up and be out by April 1st after 18 years! Miss Linda means so much to this community and has invested love, care, and hundreds of thousands of dollars into her home over the years. Because of community action Miss Linda's landlord has agreed to pause displacement, giving us time to fundraise for the home!

Her community and neighbors are clear: Miss Linda deserves to stay in the home that she has been paying for for almost two decades, and we will not allow her to be displaced!

Donate TODAY and help Miss Linda stay in her home. Your donation will go towards: 

  • A down payment or cash offer so Miss Linda can buy her house
  • Ongoing mortgage support on her house, as needed
  • Utility payments, as needed
  • Critical repairs on the home, as needed
  • Or any other expenses necessary to ensure housing stability for Miss Linda

Want to get involved? Sign up for emails and learn more about how you can support Miss Linda at or

Miss Linda NEEDS your support today. Donate today and help a beloved elder and longtime community member stay in the home she loves.

If you are interested in donating by check, please address the check to "Lyndale United Church of Christ," write "Miss Linda - CSJ" in the memo line, and mail checks to: Lyndale United Church of Christ, 610 W 28th St. Minneapolis MN 55408. If you would like to contribute $500 or more, please donate by check. The Center for Sustainable Justice at the Lyndale United Church of Christ has generously agreed to receive donations and is able to write tax receipts for donations of $500 or more. 

We are also looking for someone who is willing to purchase the home outright or co-sign on it.  Please contact us here if that is within your means or you want to learn more or explore that option with Miss Linda.


NOTE: This campaign is being organized by a group of Powderhorn Park neighbors in partnership with Miss Linda. Please let us know if you have any questions about your donation or how you can offer support.


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Julia Hobart