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A Year of Vital Grace

UPDATE 12/20/2022 

Thanks to supporters like you and to our friend, Toni Estell of Estell Éveiller, our fundraising campaign is off and running! We are excited to share our plans for 2023 with you, our inner circle.

We are currently raising $10,000 to build out our new space into a self-care retreat for women battling cancer and other health concerns. We will still provide free medical-grade wigs for everyone who would like one, and we are expanding our services to include providing subsidized mastectomy bras, group counseling, peer-led group activities, and generally creating a safe and healthy environment for women and their families to escape their diagnosis for even a moment.


   Eleven-year-old Paytlynn shouldn’t have been so worried about her lifetime lack of hair, and thanks to donors like you, she doesn’t have to be.

   As 2022 comes to a close, thank you for your kindness and support. In our first 15 months, we have served 20 people with not only high quality wigs, but with hope and happiness. 

Meet Paytlynn. She was born with severe alopecia, and had been living in foster care since she was four years old. She never had a full head of hair–only small patches–for her entire life. When we met Paytlynn, she was in a new foster home and about to start at a new school.

   She was sad, timid, and hopeless…until our stylist fitted her with her first wig, just in time for the first day of school.

   Today Paytlynn is a sparkling girl–joyful, confident, filled with hope and promise. She achieved a lifelong goal of trying out (and making!) her school’s cheerleading team.

   If not for supporters like you, we wouldn’t have been able to provide her with more than just hair. We got to see a shy girl blossom with confidence. She is making new friends and going after her goals. Her life is on a whole new trajectory thanks to supporters like you. Just think of what she can accomplish now!

   As we approach this joyous season of generosity and togetherness, we urge you to come forward and help more people in need. The Vital Grace is raising money to help us exceed our goals in 2023: 

* Hire two wig stylists to work exclusively with our clients

* Provide high quality wigs to more than 100 people in the coming year

* Begin providing mastectomy bras, individual counseling, and support group meetings for our clients

   Here’s how your donations can help.

___ Donate $100 to cover the cost of the initial consultation, measurements, and purchase of supplies

___ Donate $250 to color, deliver, and style a finished wig for one of our clients

___ Donate $500 to provide one month of weekly support group meetings

___ Donate $1,000 completely cover the cost of one wig from start to finish

   Or give in whatever capacity fits your personal budget and donation priorities. Any and all donations help us provide more than just wigs. 

   Our clients dream of walking through the world without their medical condition on full display–to find themselves again after the struggle and frustration of medical hair loss. When they come to us, they have lost hope and are deep down in the valley. The moment we turn them around in the stylist’s chair to see themselves in the mirror, it’s like the clouds part and they can see the mountaintop once again.

   Every donation gets us closer to making that a reality for more people. Your contribution means one more person can come off the waitlist and step into the life they love and are often fighting to keep.


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