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46% of $80,000 goal

Support Water Drop LA! (summer edition)

As things heat up, so do our efforts to get folks water!

*To donate via Venmo, make sure this link is open in your browser (not Instagram/Twitter)!*

Here are some examples of what your donation can help us buy!*

$5 = 5 gallons of water

$10 = 1 box of protein bars

$20 = Gas for drop day transportation

$100 = 1/2 pallet of water gallons (144 gallons)

$250 = 1 pallet of water gallons (288 gallons)

Sponsorship Opportunities:

$1,600 = Sponsor half a Water Drop (850 gallons of water)

$3,200 = Sponsor a Water Drop (1 weekend of outreach!)

*Donated funds are unrestricted donations and may not be used to specifically purchase the items listed above. If you would like your donation to go towards a specific item, consider donating items to us via our Amazon Wishlist!


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