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Ice Ice Baby: Support Water Drop

*To donate via Venmo, make sure this link is open in your browser (not Instagram/Twitter)!*

Alright stop, collaborate and listen / We need ice, please make a donation / Heatwaves comin now on the daily / Spring so hot got me thinkin I'm faded / Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know / Buy us some ice, and we'll glow

Shoutout Vanilla Ice for the banger (and Queen and Bowie for the og) and shout out to y'all - your donation can help us buy ice for the next 3 months as we prepare for the even hotter summer months.

$8 = 1(one) 20lb pack of ice from CVS

$35 = covers the entire cost of ice for 1 day of Water Drop outreach!

Buying bags of ice each weekend helps us fill our coolers and keep water and powerade cold for neighbors across Skid Row. Cold/frozen water bottles are essential always and even more during temperatures above 85 degrees, especially if someone has heat exhaustion or a heat-related illness.


Organized by Water Drop Los Angeles
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 85-2327993