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96% of $3,000 goal

The Wearehouse

Thank you for your interest in The Wearehouse! Our current operating expenses are approximately $3,000/month.

Our goal is to raise enough from the community to cover these monthly expenses and maintain a Weare community support, business and education center. The more we raise, the more we do.


Over the past 2 years of operating on limited budgets, we have hosted a wide variety of classes, businesses, and events.

We have classes on Health and fitness, Mushroom and plant cultivation & identification, Gardening, Computer skills, Financial skills, and anything else you are willing to teach.

We've also had events like: Debates, pot lucks, Astrology events, Campaign events, and Fireside chats

Regular markets began in April, where vendors from around the state gather to meet customers. 
We support our local musicians, and have live music at nearly every market!


We have received tremendous feedback that we're "Rock stars", and that "finally someone is actually doing what everyone else keeps talking about". The truth is, we really love what we're doing, and are excited to keep sharing this with even more families.

Everything has been self funded for the past 3 years, with the hope of raising money organically... eventually. The funds have been gone for a while now, and eventually has caught up. This fundraiser is the only source of income, and bills are due on the 1st.

You do not need to participate, or visit in order to contribute. Your contribution will help others to be able to continue using the facilities to keep educating everyone on some of the most beneficial and popular skills.


Please only give what you're comfortable with. 


Thank you!

Organized by The Wearehouse
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