General Support

Thank you for choosing to make a general donation to the nonprofit Musk Ox Farm!

NOTE: If you are a renewing FOMO member or are interested in adopting a specific musk ox by joining our Friends of the Musk Ox (FOMO) program, please visit  to choose your musk ox and make your donation. If you received a direct link to your musk ox's donation page, you can renew by visiting that page.

Like any small nonprofit organization, ANY donation amount you choose for your general donation helps the organization tremendously! With your help, we are able to continue supporting our amazing staff working hard every day to achieve our mission and keep our animals safe and healthy. Your support keeps the lights on in our visitor center and museum, keeps our farm facilities maintained, helps feed our animals, and allows us to educate the public about these magnificent creatures!

Here are just a few of the things your contibution could help provide:

• A bag of feed! Besides all of that tasty hay, we give our muskies delicious grain supplements throughout the year. You can help us keep those bellies full of joy.

• An enrichment item for the herd! Enrichment plays an important role in the care of our animals, encouraging natural behaviors, which helps to improve their physical and mental health. Balls, buoys, and other enrichment objects give the musk oxen items for exploration, investigation, foraging, and exercise.

• Medicine to raise the quality of life for an older musk ox

• Keep the gas tank full in our farm truck and tractor. We use these beauties to help feed & water the herd, plow, fix fencing, and a ton of other farm related tasks.

• Help fund a farm intern's stipend for the summer! We love being able to provide an educational experience for students studying animal sciences while gaining much needed helping hands during combing season and socializing new calves.

• Help staff continue to successfully maintain the education and outreach needed to promote future visits to the farm and the engagement we rely on from our wonderful supporters like you!


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