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A campaign for Heating Oil by "Together for Anjar".


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A second fundraising campaign launched by “Together for Anjar” titled:
Warm Hearts, Warm Homes Ջերմ Սրտեր՛ Ջերմ Օճախներ:

Winter in Anjar is around the corner and it is already cold. The economic situation has deteriorated even further, with the Lebanese Pound registering its lowest reading yet against the USD$ of LL25,200. Global energy prices have peaked making living conditions even bleaker. The cost of a barrel of heating oil or "Mazout" is around $150 making it impossible for a family to secure the cost of heating their home for the winter months. The average income for a family in Anjar is now less than $100 a month, which does not even cover the basic living expenses of the family, making them reliant on remittances and other forms of support.

Once again, we call on you to reach out to your brothers and sisters, the elderly, and families with children this winter. We urgently need to raise $105,000 within the next few weeks so as to secure at least a barrel of Heating Oil (Mazout) for each of the approximately 700 families in the village that are facing severe financial hardship.

We know we can count on you! Join us in our campaign Warm Hearts, Warm Homes Ջերմ Սրտեր՛ Ջերմ Օճախներ and Donate Now!

“Pity goes hand in Hand with Spectatorship. Compassion with participation, with intervention, with caring enough and being concerned enough to want to change somebody’s situation for the better.” - Cornel West




102 supporters

$105,000 goal

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