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This last year has been tough—especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs, college students, and those in developing nations. More than ever, the women in these communities need access to education, scholarships, and mentoring. That’s why we’re partnering with YOU, our virtual community, to provide women across the globe the tools they need to succeed.

Dream Mentorship believes that every woman deserves a chance to have a brighter future and has provided life-changing services to more than 230 women since 2018. Now more than ever, it is vital that we can continue impacting the lives of women in developing nations, first-generation college students, struggling business owners, and anyone who needs support!

We’re thrilled to announce our Women of Worth campaign, which allows you to give to a worthy cause while receiving maximum benefits for your contribution.

From young women in Nigeria trying to start a business to college students in the U.S in medical school looking for support, Dream Mentorship recognizes the worth of every woman and strives to give her the tools she needs for success. Your donation will help us continue our scholarship and mentoring programs that are changing the lives of women around the world.

When you give:

  • A donation of $22, you give a first-generation college student access to mentoring and a support system for an entire year.
  • A donation of $30, you provide a single mom to show up to a mentoring session and gain insight on ways to live the life of her dreams.
  • A donation of $50, you enable us to mentor two mentees for 1 hour weekly.
  • A donation of $150, you pay for a struggling college student’s textbooks so she can continue her education.
  • A donation of $500,  you cover the cost of running an entire workshop for 24 women, where they will get career development.

What you get:

  • A letter from someone who has been helped by your donation.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your donation is helping young women around the world.
  • Recognition during our annual donor events.



18 supporters

$1,250 goal

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