Pre-Recorded Teaching: Lojong Mind Training Series

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Pre-Recorded Teaching: Lojong Mind Training

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You will receive the link to the pre-recorded teaching once you are registered. In this 3-part series, we will enjoy dharma teachings covering the 8 verses of mind training. In Tibetan, lojong means “mind training”. To turn the mind inward, learn to work with our emotions and other ‘afflictive states’, and train the mind through wisdom and compassion so that we can create lasting change in our daily lives. These precious teachings instruct us on how to convert all our daily life situations and experiences into knowledge that allows us to grow. We are often caught up in an unending cycle of avoiding what is unpleasant and rejecting what we don’t like which takes much effort and inevitably is not a successful approach to happiness. Instead, we can train in the stability of mind that can work with and transform any situation- pleasing or unpleasant- into the fertile ground of awakening true and lasting happiness. Lama's intention for offering this series is to nurture the sangha with a step-by-step deep dive to integrate this timeless knowledge into our daily lives. This series will include succinct teachings, interactive activities, & integration meditation practices.

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