Spread the Love: Support Early Intervention in the Bronx

Looking for a way to show your love this Valentine's Day? Help us raise $14k by Valentine's Day to provide essential special education services to families in the Bronx.

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"A mother's love, a teacher's heart, 

Combined to make a brand new start. 

A program born in the Bronx last year, 

To help the young and create careers, 

A place for children to grow and thrive, 

Where love and learning come alive. 

Early intervention is the key, 

To set them on a path to be

All that they can dream to be, 

With guidance and support, 

New educators will grow in heart, 

Their passion will grow in a whole new way, 

With potential, they'll come and stay.

A mother's love, a teacher's heart, 

Guiding children from the start. 

A beacon of hope in the Bronx so long, 

Their future bright, their future strong.

So let us support and donate, 

To this program that helps create 

A better world for one and all, 

For every child, big and small.

Give this Valentines Day gift

Of universal community uplift.

The Inspired Community Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing no-cost early intervention services to neurodivergent children, advocacy coaching for their families, and specialized career training and certification support for Bronx community members. We have created a self-sustaining, hyper-local, special education resources system, of the community for the community.

Valentine's Day is all about showing love and support. Please support our early intervention program serving neurodiverse children and their families in the Bronx. Every donation makes a difference and gets us one step closer to our goal. 

We are opening 7 classrooms, serving over 200 neurodivergent Bronx children per year. Help us reach $14k by Valentines Day. 

$2,000 is enough to fully furnish, stock, and decorate ONE WHOLE classroom serving 12 students. 

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1 week 6 days remaining


21 Supporters

9% of $14,000 goal

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