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Hi everyone! Our names are Meghan Mahoney and Ofek Suchard and we are currently students at San Diego State University. Both of us are heavily involved in various on-campus organizations and are extremely dedicated to our academic success; because of this, we value and appreciate any resources that help us succeed. Cal Copy Digital Printing & Finishing is the epitome of an excellent resource for students and has tremendously helped both of us throughout our time at SDSU. Cal Copy is located on SDSU’s campus right next to the walking bridge and Domino’s Pizza. During normal times, students and faculty swarm the quaint print shop to utilize its vast range of services whether they need it for organizations or for academic purposes. The owners of the shop, Ray and Fariba, are the sweetest married couple EVER and have served SDSU students and faculty for over 35 years. They always charge a fair price and never fail to make us and other SDSU students feel welcome. 

 Unfortunately, ever since March when the majority of SDSU students left campus due to COVID-19, Cal Copy has struggled to make ends meet, and now their store has to close. Without people on campus planning in-person events, programs, and projects, Cal Copy’s sales have decreased dramatically; on top of that, Aztec Shops (who owns their building) has determined that this is the perfect time to finally get rid of them. Ray and Fariba had to leave their building today despite all the amazing things they have done for our community and now Ray and Fariba must do what they can to operate their business from home (which is obviously not sustainable in the long run). This is unacceptable to us and we are sure that other SDSU students will feel the same - Ray and Fariba are the nicest, most hardworking people and do NOT deserve this kind of treatment. This is why we are organizing a fundraiser through Givebutter that enables customers to either buy store credit or make a flat donation. If you love Cal Copy as much as we do or want to learn more about it, we ask you to please read Ray’s story below and support their local business in any way you can. Thank you!

My Story

I was born year 1963 at city of Abadan in Iran.  My parents decided that I should get the best education possible and at age 14 I with my dad flew to America.  I graduated 1980 from Helix High School and started my college education at Grossmont College.  Good times, go to school and enjoy life.  My parents would send money every month for my school and everyday life.  I mentioned I came from Iran, well war broke out between Iran and Iraq, this war mainly took place in the southern part of Iran which is where I’m from.  During the war all financial assistance to me was cut off, I had no idea about my future or my family’s future, school became irrelevant.  I worked hard to bring my family here and try to have a normal life again.  During this time, I was working the graveyard shift (11pm-7am) at a local copy and print shop.  My father suggested if I know the system, we should start our own copy shop, so we did. 1984 we opened the first Cal Copy in downtown San Diego and six months later opened the 2nd store at SDSU.  I was young and I had to learn many facets of running a business, but we had a key ingredient, be kind and give a friendly service. I got married year 1992 to my beautiful wife and have 3 grown adults living with us, I jest, I love my kids. We have been providing great service at reasonable prices to SDSU community for the past 36 years.  This all ended June 2020, when SDSU informed me they wish to raise my rent and eventually end my lease.

This is after 36 years of being part of the campus, during a national pandemic, they decide not only to raise my rent but to get rid of me all together. I have left out lots of details about how I was treated by Aztec Shops, the entity I was paying rent to. Recent fact about Aztec Shops, they received through PPP about $3059000.00 to help them during the national pandemic.

Thank You and always greet a stranger with a warm handshake.

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