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Please support our campaign to create a beautiful place for our boys to daven.


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Yeshivas Toras Simcha

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Each afternoon at 1:45 at Yeshivas Toras Simcha our boys daven mincha and are joined by several men who work nearby.  The sight of all of our boys enthusiastically responding to kaddish inspires everyone in the room.  Please come and join us.  We want to share the nachas with you!  

Currently, we are davening in a large downstairs storage room.  We want to make some renovations in order to improve the appearance that is appropriate for a makom tefilah.  

Please support our campaign to make the following renovations:

  1. New flooring $5400. mgOI7VaBcpzDClJ1gxM2kutaNIX9kXl5q96myixn.gif
  2. Painting $1500. 3BS4CYDx3F7OLqbjcSkWtj9HlhIlyUyCej9DkZMc.jpg
  3. Siddurim $1000 (40 needed).  If you want to inscribe a siddur in honor or memory of someone, please donate a minimum of $25 and let us know how the dedication should be written.YZ6cEDSFHRTyMBtSJ5QzBTYv8xEdyaqVL4A4M2mL.jpg
  4. Chumashim $600 (40 needed).  Please let us know if you want to dedicate a chumash.  Minimum donation for dedication is $15. JBqEKUwJEczGjQlJVEh75TBTG9iiL3Zab2SQ34QV.jpg
  5. Seforim $500. Minimum donation for dedication is $50.s6UfTtIzK9r8oAwoX7K9g1W86M1p5Oqgdjs4malY.jpg
  6. Shtenders $1000. Please let us know if you want to dedicate a shtender. Minimum donation for dedication is $100. brFRnciPJjRM078y9Rx47HL0Tzrmz48Ap2o1xeyc.jpg

BONUS ROUND - We are raising the bar!

 7. Fabric chairs $2600

 8. Improved lighting $1000

 9. Dry wall to cover electrical apparatus $3000

For more information please email our director of development: Rabbi David Kapenstein, [email protected] 



91 supporters

$17,000 goal

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