Pigtown Climbs Spring 2021 Matching Fundraiser


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$2,500 goal


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Pigtown Climbs


For our second community fundraiser, we are partnering with Mid Atlantic Climbers who have graciously offered to match donations up to $2,500!

In addition, we will be offering rewards as a “thank you” to the community! We have limited edition stickers, tote bags, and t-shirts available at various donation levels.

Donor Rewards

--Each donation tier includes the rewards of the previous tiers--

--1 Raffle ticket is also included for every $5 donated-- 

$25 – The Mono-Pocket

  •  Grand opening party ticket
  •  Name on website/ donated in honor of 
  •  Sticker

$50 – The Crimp

  • T-shirt or tote

$100 - The Sloper

  • T-shirt and tote

$250 – The Side-pull

  • 2 Earth Treks Day Pass vouchers

$500 – The Jug

  • Private community event to celebrate giving

$1000+ - The Volume

  • 1 Year membership (when we open!)

To choose what merch you would like to receive and where to pick up, please fill out this form!



84 supporters

$2,500 goal

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