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Yoso is a 16-year-old kitty who spent a large chunk of his life outside in the rough New England conditions. He was surrendered to PAWS when his caretaker discovered some nasty wounds behind his ears and determined he needed medical attention.

These wounds turned out to be self-inflicted from scratching at ear mites. PAWS made sure that Yoso had the ear mites and wounds treated immediately. In addition, he was neutered.

However, if that wasn't enough vetting for poor Yoso, he also needs some serious dental work (once he recovers from his recent treatments).

Luckily, Yoso is safe from the harsh weather and in PAWS care where we will do whatever it takes to make sure he is comfortable, well fed, and gets whatever medical attention he needs.

As you can imagine, the medical attention alone can be quite expensive, so we are looking for your help to cover a portion of the costs so we can continue to support Yoso and other cats-in-need.

Yoso appreciates your help---and so do all the PAWS volunteers!!!



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18 supporters

$1,000 goal

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