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Yuluka Installation

Burning Man '23 Honoraria Art Project


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Keep an eye out for our upcoming fundraising events in Bogota, Miami, San Francisco, and Mexico City!




Join us on a journey to explore the fascinating theme of duality that has long been a fundamental principle in Tayrona pre-Columbian culture. 

Indigenous communities descendant of the Tayrona, such as the Kogi and Arahuac of the Colombian Caribbean region, attributed great relevance to animals in their beliefs, imbuing them with personalities and unique character. 

Our upcoming Burning Man art installation, featuring a large scale double-headed cayman, will transport you to a space of contrasts and natural opposites, which alludes to the concept that every element in the universe is composed of two opposing but complementary forces. 

These forces can be seen as two sides of the same coin, and they are often depicted as pairs of opposites, such as light and darkness, good and evil, male and female, life and death. The entire universe is characterized by this balance, with opposites functioning as means of maintaining a cosmic equilibrium.

Help us bring this awe-inspiring artwork to life and let us all embrace the power of duality.  



By supporting the powerful concept of Yuluka, you'll be helping us create an experience that will inspire and ignite the imagination of all who encounter it. Join us and be part of Yuluka's incredible journey to Black Rock City!


  1. Your generous donation will help us create something truly spectacular and meaningful which will drive positive impact beyond Black Rock City. Part of our campaign proceeds will also fund reforestation efforts and social programs with the indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia. We've partnered with the Siembra ConScentido and ProSierra nonprofit foundations to ensure our collective efforts positively impact this sacred and natural habitat.                    
  2. You can also help us by sharing our campaign in your socials giving us the chance to tell our story. From behind-the-scenes experiences to our project's successes, we have so much to share about who we are, where we came from, and how you can help make our vision come to life.

More Details:

  • What donations will help support
    • Materials and Build:
      • Copper, metal and steel
      • Heavy equipment rental
      • Equipment rental
      • LED Installation lighting and solar
      • Decor
      • Sound/audio
      • Installation perimeter lighting
      • Hardware, tools
      • Staging and build space
    • Art Transportation & Logistics
      • Mexico City to Black Rock Desert
      • Black Rock to Miami
      • Art Storage (Mexico City / San Francisco)
    • Crew Support
      • to support the build team during build week
      • safety gear
    • Other
      • Reforestation efforts and social programs support towards the indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia.
      • Project insurance
      • Storage
      • Power & electrical source
      • Truck rental
      • Fundraising fees
      • Legal
      • Taxes, misc, the unknown

Thank you!

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for your support and encouragement! We really couldn't do this without you.

We love you and hope to connect with you all at our upcoming fundraising events in Bogota, Miami, San Francisco, and Mexico City!  And if you happen to spot us on the Playa, don't be shy - come say hello and share a hug!

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Yuluka Installation