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House of Bread and Peace Home Fund

Giving Tuesday 2022

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"This doesn't seem like a shelter...it feels like a home." That's what we hear almost every time someone new visits the House of Bread and Peace. And we take great pride in that statement. That is how we want each and every woman and child that walk through our doors to feel...like they are home.

Home. It is so much more than a structure. It is the people that fill it first and foremost. Caring for those people is the focus of everyone involved with the House of Bread and Peace. But just like in your home, the other things do matter. The comforts of home. And that is what we are asking for help with this holiday season. 

If our common-room furniture could talk it would tell you about hundreds of stories read to anxious children, tired bodies resting at the end of a long day, and people falling over with laughter and occasionally in tears. But mostly what our furniture would say is HELP!


Our current furniture all came pre-loved and we are deeply grateful for those donations. But they have since been even more loved by all of our women and children (lots of children!). Most of it is thoroughly worn and the worst of it is just plain broken.


We have started the Home Fund to raise money to replace the common-room furniture. Our goal for Giving Tuesday is $7000 to replace all of the common-room furniture but we will use whatever we raise to replace whatever we can. We would love to surprise the House on Christmas morning with a whole new room of furniture but a single comfy armchair can hold thousands of snuggles so any amount is appreciated!

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Campaign Ended

House of Bread and Peace Inc

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