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Unatti is Sisterhood

We help Nepali girls rise from vulnerable situations. Our girls come from unimaginable poverty and neglect, but together we stitch a new fabric, a future that is their own, that is empowered, and that is connected to inspiration and opens possibility to the world.

Your generosity truly changes the course of their lives.

Your generosity provides a safe and loving home and supports a staff of 11 highly trained Nepali women who inspire, educate and caretake 24/7. 

Your generosity provides, educational opportunities,  emotional support from trained counselors & local travel adventures.

Your generosity provides a  2 year reintegration program so that our girls can thrive as they grow beyond our home. 

With your donation, 

Unatti is Changing Lives and the Communities where they serve.

In advance, we thank you for supporting a life well-lived. Namaste!


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